Bringing The Anime and BL with Me to University

Hey guys! So it’s sort of old news but I am now living on campus and I thought I’d share 1) my side of the room’s look and 2) some of my recent purchases (and by this I mean stuff I bought in the last 3 months). One of the things I struggled with when I was choosing what to bring with me was the idea of space. How much of my things would be able to fit? Were there shelves and if so how many books should I take? Would I fill the whole shelf?!

blmanga3 (2)

In the end, I sort of made a compromise with myself. I would only bring a little bit, see what was left to decorate and then bring some more stuff later on. Continue reading


[Review] Joou to Shitateya by Scarlet Beriko

Ok guys, I lied. I’m not going to read Jealousy just yet, but I am going through Scarlet Beriko’s manga and I found this super cute one


Rumour has it that if people wear suits from the tailor shop SHIDA, you will be successful. Oumi hears about this rumour from one of his coworkers and decides to go check out the place, to see if this is actually true. Of course, when he gets there, he ends up getting teased by the shop owner Tetsuya for believing the rumours. He claims that he won’t be able to make Oumi a magic suit and that success comes from the hard work his customers put into their jobs.  Continue reading

[Review] Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki by Scarlet Beriko

I am here to right my wrongs!! So this is the one manga I thought I’d already reviewed but apparently didn’t…please enjoy. It’s hot and has mafia dudes and the CUTEST seme I’ve ever met.


So this was the “second time” I read this manga and I feel like I’m reading it through new eyes. This picks up after Minori No Te. It seems that at some point, Tatsuyuki took up Minori’s offer of going back to see him, but when he did, Minori was gone. This leads him to being depressed/heartbroken and he returns to being uninterested in being the head of the Ooyamato Group, a major yakuza group from the Kantou region. Continue reading

[Review] Minori no Te by Scarlet Beriko

Wow, guys. So I was going to review Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki but when I started reading it, there was a note saying it was a spin off of Minori no Te. I’ve tried to read it before and just couldn’t get past the first chapter because in my head Tatsuyuki can only be with Nozomi

But I decided to persevere!! In hopes of possibly catching any references to this book


Minori no Te is about a guy named Minori who is a physical therapist in a lesser known part of town. He gets a variety of customers ranging from members of the yazuka to well-known actors, but what they all have in common is that after receiving Minor’s ‘special massage’ they always come back. Of course, one day he gets a new customer who just happens to be someone from his past. Continue reading

[Review] Jackass!~ Who said it was okay to touch?~ by Scarlet Beriko

Why did I not read this sooner?! Ok, so I’ve actually stumbled upon this manga a lot of times because the cover is so eye catching, just look at that leg (mmm) but for some reason I’ve never read it? But today I did!

As an FYI, this mangaka also did Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, which I could have sworn I reviewed but I can’t find it, what kind of a fujoshi am I?! Keeping all that sexy to myself, I’VE FAILED YOU ALL


Jackass follows the relationship of two couples. Our main couple seems to be Keisuke and Shinoda, and our side couple is Katsumi and Aramaki-sensei. Continue reading