3 Day Quote: The Feelings and Moments

Hey guys~ So I took a break from this challenge yesterday because Valentine’s Day was just absorbing my soul! I went to work that day, came home super tired, slept for most of the day, and then went out to (over)eat.

But now that Valentine’s Day is over (though the love still feels like it’s in the air), I decided to come back and post Day 8. While still a little sleepy, I will say I’m better than I was yesterday AND my wrist doesn’t hurt today, haha Continue reading


3 Day Quote: No, I’m Not on a Diet

Deberíamos desayunar como un rey, almorzar como un príncipe y cenar como un mendigo

 : So today’s quote is a bit of a health thing. If you guys don’t know, my mom is a bit of a health freak (in a good way lol), and she is trying to get us to eat better and just the other day she read this to me from her book on Metabolism.

“We should eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a beggar.”

It’s something I should be doing especially if I want to keep healthy but it’s just so hard! I have stopped skipping breakfast but checking how much is acceptable for each meal is just a pain Continue reading


3 Day Quote: Afraid to Love

Hey guys! So it looks like I’m on a roll, it’s now Day 4 and I’ve yet to miss a day, which is surprising since I thought I’d miss yesterday

Like I mentioned in Day 3, today will be a love related post in celebration of Valentine’s Day Month. Again, here are the rules (I’m going to stop posting them but basically it’s thank the person who nominated you, do 1 quote per day, and nominate 3 people in each post). Continue reading


3 Day Quote: Do It Now.

Hey guys! So it looks like quite a few of you guys were able to relate to the first quote, which I expected unless I’m like this super weirdo with different identities…haha (well, I mean, I am a weirdo but for slightly different reasons…)

Anywho, here is day 2, hope you guys enjoy this quote too, but before I start, here are the rules again 🙂 Continue reading