Reading Devils and Realist v 1 – 10

Ok guys, so before I start this, I just want to show you all the covers of this series. Aren’t they SO NICE, like if you saw them at a bookstore, wouldn’t it make you curious about the content? Well, that is exactly what happened to me and this series. I think I picked this up around the time there were maybe 4 or 5 volumes, or maybe I only owned that many at the time…Either way, I jumped in to watch the anime and then sort of dropped it for awhile

But now I’m back, burning with unanswered questions that the anime left me with! Unfortunately, I only have so many volumes within hands reach and you bet I was left at a cliffhanger

So this series follows William Twining, a genius (practically) attending a prestigious school, who plans on being either a lawyer or politician and then swimming in loads of money. Continue reading


Currently Watching: Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist (Ep 1 – 5)

Before I start this first impression I have a serious question: Am I just forcing the BL interaction between the characters because I like yaoi or is it really there?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just in my head because I’ll be watching anime with my brother and he’s all ok about stuff and then I’ll be like,¬†Did you see that? That was totally yaoi and I’ll say why and he’ll just be like no -__- what have you done, you’ve ruined it (haha) Continue reading