2017 Fall Mid-Season Update

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Hey guys! So remember when the anime season started and I said I would be trying to keep up? WELL. I am but also I’m not. I know I started some episodic posts for The Ancient Magus Bride and Recovery of an MMO Junkie but I haven’t continued since a few episodes ago. Why? Basically, I’m just really bad at keeping up with anime every week (lol) but here’s what I’ve watched so far! Continue reading


The Ancient Magus Bride: The Balance Distinguishes Not Between Gold and Lead



So this episode picks up directly after the previous one where Chise is suddenly kidnapped by a dragon. If there was any sense of urgency or distress, it’s all gone now as we realize that the guy who kidnaps her (Lindel) is actually Elias’ mentor. Part of me wonders why he even had to be so dramatic about this if Elias and Chise were already investigating the whole dragon shebang Continue reading


The Ancient Magus Bride: One Day Is Worth Two Tomorrows



I finally got around to watching the next episode and I’m glad we’re getting more info on the world! In this episode, it’s been two days since the previous one, and Chise has been sleeping off her exhaustion. Now that she’s up, Elias has decided they should go shopping and also think about their honeymoon Continue reading


The Ancient Magus Bride: April Showers Bring May Flowers


I am finally one of those fans who have watched the first episode of the Ancient Magus Bride and I have mixed feelings over it!! Yes, I’m so happy we finally get a SEASON because as much as I love the OVAs, I really needed more, but god, it felt like so littleĀ  Continue reading