[katsudeku] DRAFT: omake to new oneshot

Uraraka was sipping on her tea when she noticed a small package addressed to her best friend. Or at least she assumed so because written across the middle in bold letters was “To that freckled nerd”. She felt a grin tug at her face and immediately tried to spot him on the main floor, aware that sometimes he would just disappear between the stacks (she’d found him dozens of times with his nose between a book). After a few minutes, she spotted his messy hair poking out of the romance section and she couldn’t help but giggle. Typical

“Izuku!” she stage whispered. It took a few more name callings and a psst to finally get his attention. He sent a surprised look in her direction and quickly bounded over, the book he had been looking through forgotten. Continue reading


[tsukkihina] jealousy: DRAFT from Hinata’s pov [ch2]

Hinata knows he’s not the smartest cookie in the pan? Tool in the box? Whatever. It’s close enough. But he does pride himself in learning, observing, and his social skills aren’t too shabby. Especially when it has to do with the things he loves, like volleyball and (he blushes) Tsukishima. Plus, being a Ball Boy also has non-volleyball perks

What he’s not sure is if Tsukishima is trying to hide the fact he’s upset. Part of him doesn’t think so if that display of affection during lunch is anything to go by. Since they started dating they’ve never been too physical but this time he’d felt how hungry Tsukishima was and while his grip on his waist had been harsh, Hinata had liked it. He liked it when Tsukishima held him, liked feeling small (the ONLY time of course), and Tsukishima had made him feel Small. He rubs his arm and clears his throat

The only problem now was figuring out why his towering boyfriend was upset because if there was one thing he knew about Tsukishima, it’s that he wouldn’t spill the meat buns. Hinata had to sniff them out and pry them from his unrelenting boyfriend. Or something. Continue reading