[Review] Juni Taisen: Zodiac War(rior) Crimson – Reviewing Mercilessly…Or At Least Attempting To

I’ve been feeling rather accomplished lately. I finished three series already and while it took me a century and a half, I finally got out a review for one of these three shows. Now it’s Juni Taisen’s turn. I actually wondered if I should even review this one since it’s been so long and well, not a lot of people liked it. But I kind of wanted to “close” the show on my blog even though I’m probably going to reiterate what everyone said about Juni Taisen back in 2017 (wow! has it really been so long?!) Continue reading


2017 Fall Mid-Season Update

fall anime.png

Hey guys! So remember when the anime season started and I said I would be trying to keep up? WELL. I am but also I’m not. I know I started some episodic posts for The Ancient Magus Bride and Recovery of an MMO Junkie but I haven’t continued since a few episodes ago. Why? Basically, I’m just really bad at keeping up with anime every week (lol) but here’s what I’ve watched so far! Continue reading

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (ep 1 – 3)


Spoilers Abound

“Wow, I’ve been rather on it with these anime posts,” I say as I’m 4 weeks late. Now, I was really excited about this show when it came out. The first episode was so good! I loved seeing the whole family relationship with Toshiko. When she was in the building, walking up the stairs I swore she wasn’t the one in the flashbacks. Not only did she look really different but this one (pic above) looked so evil and crazy. And in the flashbacks we had this girl who didn’t want to kill if she didn’t need to. Continue reading

2017 Fall Anime First Impressions (part 2)


Are we really already in week 3 of this season’s anime and am I really only just getting to some first episodes?! Haha. Yup. Well this post is majorly overdue but here goes. It’s a rainy day in the neighborhood so time for some anime watching!

SPOILERS incoming if you haven’t picked these series up yet! Continue reading