Season 1: Down the Rabbit Hole and Into the Wonderful World of Inuyasha

Can I just say that Inuyasha is amazing and just WOW Rumiko Takahashi! No wonder I did my fifth grade women’s history month project on her. She really knows how to make a series (or at least the beginning of one). Also beware, this series is old and I’m going to spoil it and fangirl about some moments! Feel free to join me in the comments section


It’s been so long that I feel like the summary for Inuyasha should be Known, but I’ll go ahead and squeal about it anyways. Inuyasha is a fantasy, adventure, romance, and action series about a modern day Japanese girl named Kagome who is dragged down an ancient well at her family’s shrine and ends up in feudal Japan. While there she comes to learn (after a giant centipede rips out a jewel from her side) that she is the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo, who died 50 years ago while trying to protect The Jewel of Four Souls, a powerful stone that could grant demons immense power, from a half-demon named Inuyasha. The same demon Kagome found pinned to a giant oak tree and the one she ends up unsealing during a battle, believing he is the “hero” Continue reading


The Show That Started Me on the Path to Weebdom

Hey guys! This post is sort of me checking in to let you all know I’m still alive and kind of to let you know what I want to do in the coming days. I haven’t watched anime in what feels like FOREVER. I think since before the last season? I did end up checking out an episode the other day of this boxing anime (at my brother’s insistence) but it just didn’t catch my interest

Though I do have a couple shows I want to check out once classes are out. Right now I’ve only been reading and trying to catch up on my drawing for my art class! As to that one thing I want to do…


You see, I started reading this Inuyasha fanfiction story about Kagome and Sesshomaru (an otp I developed a liking to when I “grew out” of watching Inuyasha). Continue reading