My First Time at Indy PopCon and Indianapolis Area

Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I last wrote up a post about my travels. For one, I’ve been cooped up mostly at home and second, well, I just haven’t had the desire to write about the times that I have gone out (because I wait too long)

But I went to Indianapolis this summer for Indy Pop Con (a pop culture convention) and while I was there I also checked out a few other places and figured I’d show you all some pics!


Usually I’m the one who hunts down conventions and then drags whatever unfortunate soul with me (aka brother), but this time around it was the opposite. My brother heard about this convention and thought it’d be a nice place to check out, and since it’d been awhile since I last went to a new convention I thought, why not? In terms of a convention I would give it a 4/10 score. It was held at the convention center in downtown Indianapolis but there wasn’t much of a crowd or panels or merchandise in the dealers hall… Continue reading