[tsukkihina] jealousy: DRAFT from Hinata’s pov [ch2]

Hinata knows he’s not the smartest cookie in the pan? Tool in the box? Whatever. It’s close enough. But he does pride himself in learning, observing, and his social skills aren’t too shabby. Especially when it has to do with the things he loves, like volleyball and (he blushes) Tsukishima. Plus, being a Ball Boy also has non-volleyball perks

What he’s not sure is if Tsukishima is trying to hide the fact he’s upset. Part of him doesn’t think so if that display of affection during lunch is anything to go by. Since they started dating they’ve never been too physical but this time he’d felt how hungry Tsukishima was and while his grip on his waist had been harsh, Hinata had liked it. He liked it when Tsukishima held him, liked feeling small (the ONLY time of course), and Tsukishima had made him feel Small. He rubs his arm and clears his throat

The only problem now was figuring out why his towering boyfriend was upset because if there was one thing he knew about Tsukishima, it’s that he wouldn’t spill the meat buns. Hinata had to sniff them out and pry them from his unrelenting boyfriend. Or something. Continue reading


Currently Catching Up: Haikyuu 25+ [fujoshi rambles on the tsukki/hina]

Hey guys! So along with the anime I started watching again, I figured I’d stop procrastinating on my manga reading and first up was Haikyuu. Though if I’m being honest, that’s only half the reason I started reading Haikyuu again. The REAL reason is that I was doing some research on Tsukishima and Kageyama’s interactions for uhm, non-fujoshi purposes ah heck who am I kidding, it’s for the yaoi, it’s always for the yaoi


I ship them so hard! *indecipherable whale noises*

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[Review] Haikyuu S3: The New Champions!


It’s happened! I’ve gone and watched the whole of Haikyuu, 60 episodes in some 5 days. And It Was Awesome. You guys have no idea how happy I am that my wait was not long since I started watching s3 when there were 9 episodes and Friday was only 2 days away. Plus, I cheated and went to look at the manga to see how the season would end because I needed to know so bad! Possibly the worst cliffhanger e-v-e-r


Like always, spoilers for Season 1 and Season 2 are fair game! Continue reading

[Review] Haikyuu S2: Gearing up for the Spring Tournament Finals!

I can’t believe it took this long to get back to watching Haikyuu! But better late than never, right? So I started watching this series back when it first came out (2015), but I was slowly going through it because I was watching with my family.

Of course, after my brother watched it without me because he couldn’t wait anymore, I was left devastated and put the series on hold. Until just recently.

Also, if you haven’t watched S1, I’d say watch it unless you don’t mind spoilers because S1 spoilers are fair game. I also reviewed S1 here!


When it was announced that season 2 was going to be airing, I was pumped because it was going to encompass so much character growth, and some of my favorite scenes of the manga: the training camp and the bathroom scene! Continue reading

[Review] Haikyuu S1: No Longer Fallen Champions!

Hey guys!

So it’s been awhile since I first watched Haikyuu S1, 2 years ago actually (my how time flies~) and because there’s been a sudden revival of the series, I thought I’d go back and rewatch the whole thing! And with S1 down, I am now ready to watch s3 (pshh, I watched this in the wrong order hehe)

Now, I’m mentioning rewatching because my review now is completely different from when I’d first watched it. You can bet I was screaming and tearing up when I watched this in 2014, but now…well, read ahead~

Haikyuu is a 25 episode anime about volleyball and very thirsty characters. At the beginning we’re introduced to our two main protagonists, Hinata Shouyo and Kageyama Tobio. Continue reading