[OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour] Conexiones en Erased y Cómo Una Persona Puede Hacer Una Diferencia

Esta publicación estaba originalmente en inglés (en enero del 2017) y fue traducido porque quiero practicar mi escritura en español. Creo que lo hice más o menos “bien” 


Hola! Hoy tenemos un post especial, como ustedes quizás notaron en el programa que publiqué la semana pasada…1) yo marco la mitad del Tour y 2) hoy fue la inaguración

Cuando iba manejando a casa escuche que la calle Lake Shore Drive estaba cerrada porque habían protestas. Yo hubiera estado alla también, si sólo pudiera salirme del trabajo. Pero no pasó y tuve que escuchar la inauguración en el trabajo porque mi jefe es un seguidor de Trump…pero me divago! La razón que menciono esto es porque queda perfecto con el primer Blog Tour de OWLS, que se centra en Disruptores Continue reading


OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour: Connections in Erased and How A Single Person CAN Make a Difference

Hey guys! Today we have a special post, as you may have noticed from the OWLS Blog Tour Schedule I posted last week, and it just so happens that 1) I mark the middle of the tour and 2) today was the inauguration


As I was driving home tonight, I heard that Lake Shore Drive was closed because of protestors. I would have been down there as well, if I could have gotten out of work, but alas, I was stuck listening to the Inauguration because my boss is a Trump supporter…but I digress! Why I mention the inauguration is because it fits perfectly with OWLS first blog tour, which is centered around Disruptors.  Continue reading

First Impressions: Winter 2016 Favorites

Hey guys! So the winter season is up and running, there have been quite a few shows, and since I mentioned there were quite a few shows I wanted to check out, I thought I’d tell you all how my adventures went! I won’t talk about series with second seasons since I haven’t checked those out yet. Kind of…I mean, I checked out GATE but not enough where I could form thoughts other than, it’s OK. And then I still need to finish Snow White!

Anywho, I’ll start off with two of my favorites! Two that I am really excited about and that I’m sure I’m not the only one fangasaming over. Continue reading