[Progress] I finally bought the house!

I have no idea how I did it but I finally bought the manor in Solitude and added all the furnishings in one go! Unfortunately, it only has the options of my room, my kid’s room, living room, dining area, kitchen, patio, enchantment area, alchemy area, and I think that’s it…

I really wanted the one where you can do the ore stuff (smelter I believe) but I think I need to build the house from scratch if I want that option. I remember I did that when I played on the 360 but the location was just so inconvenient (lol) Continue reading

[Progress] Skyrim is taking over my life again…

If you follow me on my Twitter, chances are you’ve heard me mention Skyrim quite a bit lately! Well, it’s because I’ve been playing a little (or a lot) each day since the remastered (?) edition came out~

Guys, meet my character Senkka, a Dark Elf. For some reason I’ve always played Elder Scrolls as a woman while other games I use a guy. I also always choose the Dark Elf (because they’re COOL). In oblivion I called my character Penelope and the two times I played Skyrim on my 360 I also called her Penelope.

Figured I’d change things up since I was playing on a PC now ^^ Also, that’s my house behind me (Breezehome in Whiterun because I’m saving up for the Manor in Solitude)

Right now I’m mainly focusing on doing Companion and side quests because I like to leave the main quest for last. I also decided on the Companions first because I don’t need any special skills like I would if I did another guild (like the Thieves Guild, I’d need sneak to do things properly/get full pay). I think I’ll be doing the Dark Brotherhood quests once I’m done with these Continue reading