First Impressions: Winter 2016 Favorites

Hey guys! So the winter season is up and running, there have been quite a few shows, and since I mentioned there were quite a few shows I wanted to check out, I thought I’d tell you all how my adventures went! I won’t talk about series with second seasons since I haven’t checked those out yet. Kind of…I mean, I checked out GATE but not enough where I could form thoughts other than, it’s OK. And then I still need to finish Snow White!

Anywho, I’ll start off with two of my favorites! Two that I am really excited about and that I’m sure I’m not the only one fangasaming over. Continue reading


Winter 2016 Starts in About 2 Days

Out of curiosity, is there anyone who still can’t get out of bed? Because I’m having trouble doing anything productive and I know it’s only the third day of the year but this is starting to worry me, good thing school starts tomorrow! 😛

While tomorrow comes, I thought I’d reach for my laptop without falling off my bed (more difficult a task than many of you might think), and checked the Winter season anime. Lo and behold, the season starts in 1.5 days! Exciting no? Continue reading