Winter 2016 Starts in About 2 Days

Out of curiosity, is there anyone who still can’t get out of bed? Because I’m having trouble doing anything productive and I know it’s only the third day of the year but this is starting to worry me, good thing school starts tomorrow! 😛

While tomorrow comes, I thought I’d reach for my laptop without falling off my bed (more difficult a task than many of you might think), and checked the Winter season anime. Lo and behold, the season starts in 1.5 days! Exciting no? Continue reading


[Review] Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion

Hey guys! Today I bring you another ‘first impression’ 🙂

After being bombarded on Twitter with screenshots of Adventures Tri, I finally got myself to turn on the Roku, which was living among cobwebs by this point, and sat myself down with some ice cream. Lyn may or may not have also been a force that pushed me towards my comfy chair. Continue reading