[Review] Death Note, the Netflix Original and New Take on The Concept

Hey guys! So I think I mentioned this before but I was pretty excited but also nervous about this new Death Note adaptation coming out on Netflix. I said I was going to give it a chance and oh my, did I try! Warning for spoilers


So in this Death Note adaptation we have Light Turner, a highschool student with behavioral problems at school. He seems to hate the injustices of the world as we see him have a heated argument with his father about his mother’s death and he even stands up to a bully at school…only after someone else does it first. He also seems to be a smart cookie, if him doing the homework of 15 other students in exchange for money is anything to go by. Then one day, a notebook with the title Death Note practically falls into his hands. Intrigued by the book, Light decides to keep it and after a supernatural hello from an 8 foot monster, Light realizes he can right the wrongs of the world by writing someone’s name in the notebook Continue reading

Death Note | Netflix Original Teaser

Hey guys! So I wasn’t going to post anything else today but I just found out about this and had to share~

It’s supposed to be available on August 25th and since it’s Death Note, I feel obligated to at least watch one episode, but I also feel…conflicted. I don’t really like the Light character and the trailer makes it seem more like your typical teenage shenanigans with the cheerleaders, steamy scenes, and police chases Continue reading