Creative Blogger Award [My Eating Habits]

Hey guys!

creative-bloggerGreat news, I’ve been nominated for another award (and the crowd goes wild! or not…). So I’d like to thank MindMischief for the nomination and for using the Contact Me page. That was so helpful! I got an email and it’s sitting there at the front of all my junk with a star, no way I can lose that there, haha

To check out MindMischief’s post, please click here. If you don’t know the rules, it’s pretty simple: Continue reading

The Creative Blogger Award

And here’s another Blog Award for the summer!

This time around I was nominated by Deelight (Geek Girl Senshi) who was nominated for the Liebster Award, Blogger Recognition Award, and the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you very much for nominating me~! For her nominees, she allowed us to choose whatever award we wanted. Continue reading