AX Schedule/Plans

Last year my brother and I decided to go to Anime Expo without much knowledge of how huge and packed the place was. We ordered our badges, plane tickets, and got hotel stuff in order only to find ourselves slightly overwhelmed. The line to get inside the convention center was ENORMOUS and the sun was trying to roast us.

The only reprieve we had were the little Crunchyroll fans we got with our badges. But we learned from our mistakes and got VIP badges this year!

The schedule was just released yesterday (I believe) and in hopes of not getting denied entry from a panel because it’s full, I kind of have a plan…lol

Here are the events I’ve highlighted. I want to make most of them but I also chose some panels that overlap. I placed * to show which panels I REALLY want to attend. Continue reading


Trip to AX and Cosplay Plans

Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I last posted anything on my blog, I’d like to apologize (you know, if anyone even noticed lolol).

You see, while at Fanime I met this cosplayer I’d met at the Daiya meet from Acen (guys, I totally didn’t stalk him) and we started talking for a bit. I randomly asked him what other conventions he was attending and he mentioned a few that (at this point) I can’t remember. For some reason though, one of them stuck and while being bored at Fanime I looked up Colossalcon. Continue reading

Heading to CA for Fanime in 2 Days >_<

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by and mention that I’ll be heading to Fanime in 2 days 😀

I know I mentioned Fanime a while back and then I completely dropped it. You see, after I quit my job I wasn’t so sure I could go anymore, what with bills, incredibly high debts everywhere, my new computer (which has been put on hold), and just my spending sprees in general. But being at ACEN really made me want to go to Fanime and I last minute booked everything!

I was lucky enough to find a room immediately (one of my previous roommates), however, plane tickets were a whole other issue. I didn’t know that this weekend was memorial day weekend but I suspected something, considering tickets were so expensive. I managed to get a “cheap” ticket that left from Chicago on Thursday and arrived on Tuesday (not in San Jose, in San Francisco so I have to commute a few miles too). The convention is from Friday to Monday so I am staying a bit longer. Luckily my roommate is going to be in the area on Thursday noon. Continue reading

2016 Conventions: Tentative List

Hey guys!

As the new year starts rolling in, I also start rolling out to unexplored conventions (even though I say unexplored, most of these conventions are some that I’m either a regular at or some I’ve gone to at least once before). While I had planned to tone down my con adventures, I found that it was pretty impossible to do so.

Luckily, my first convention seems to be listed for May, which gives me some time to save up for the dealer’s hall…probably, haha Continue reading

The Cycle of OTPs

Hey guys!

So a while ago Pan wrote a post called A Brief Analysis on Shipping, where she explained how she went about pairing characters together and I thought I’d give her my answer in a post (like I did with the Armada/Husbando’s Post). Of course, it only took me 10 days to finally get back to her…>_> I blame life but it may also be some of my laziness kicking in, haha Continue reading