4 Years As A Blogger Special: Suggestions? Questions?


Hey guys! So this is just a quick little update (aka cry for help, can you hear me?). In 2018 I will be turning 4 years old (as a blogger) and I wanted to do something special except nothing comes to mind…then I just started writing and this little Blogging 101 series ended up happening. And I was curious, would this be something you all want to see? And if so, do you have any topics or questions you’d like for me to cover?ย It doesn’t have to be just about blogging. I’m also taking any questions you have for me in general (like a Q&A)

I’m not a blogging guru but I have picked up some stuff along my blogging journey and I wanted to share some things I learned (I’ll also be sharing some of my own experiences because I think making it personal would be a nice touch). And honestly, I’ve been wanting to do something like this since forever ago but I never felt I had the authority to do so. I still don’t feel like I do but 2018 is all about being more blogging assertive and if it flops, it flops. At least I’ll be able to say I did it and have no regrets!

If you have some topics or questions (I would be very grateful), just drop them in the comments section

(And if you want to see a specific type of post for my 4 years, let me know too~)