Happy New Year!

It looks like it’s the new year in the majority of places at this point. I know PST will soon be hitting that countdown but then you also have places like Hawaii who are probably still spending those last few hours in 2019. Regardless, happy new years to everyone!! Continue reading

[OWLS] Why Bother Walking Towards Failure?

This blog was supposed to be on hiatus, but then I read a book! Actually, I’m still on that blogging break but I knew I wanted to talk about something that wasn’t anime this time around for OWLS, especially since I haven’t watched anything new, and now you’re all here thanks to Irina who posted before me

But if you’re new, you’re probably wondering what I’m blabbering about Continue reading

OWLS “Vulnerable” tour: El idioma y mujeres vulnerables en la música

Buenos días mi gente hermosa!

Bienvenidos de nuevo a Leer de noche (Read at Night). Soy Crimson, su anfitrión del día…bueno, casi siempre soy yo pero en mayo sí tuve unos invitados que hablaron de la salud mental – pueden encontrar sus entradas aquí! Continue reading

A Talk on Sexuality – Am I Straight, Gay, Bi, or Pan?

Hey guys! Today I have another identity-related post. ICYMI, two weeks ago I posted My Pronouns and Gender Identity – What are Yours? and I was so happy with the comments and feedback that I received!! I was actually really nervous about that post but I’m glad it resonated with the people who read it. Today I have another topic I’d like to cover: sexuality Continue reading

OWLS Masculinity Blog Tour: The Social Construct That Is Masculinity and Its Continual Change

Hey guys! Welcome back to another OWLS blog tour post. Chances are if you are reading this it’s because you were redirected here from Takuto’s post about Haiji from Run with the Wind. I swear I need to get on that sports anime ASAP! Also, as you guys might have noticed, I have been deviating away from anime when writing these posts. The reason being that I haven’t watched anime in eons (but I’m getting there!)

For April, the OWLS theme is “Masculinity” Continue reading