I do not own any of the media used on this site like screenshots, gifs, music, and more (unless I explicitly say so). I just use them for review and fangirling purposes. Most of the time I nab them from a google search or from a Netflix or Crunchyroll screenshot

I try to stay away from fanart for obvious reasons but if you see something that is yours and you’d like me to take it down LET ME KNOW and I’ll do so asap!

I also link to other sites like Amazon and am not responsible for the one-click buy syndrome or what you may find on the other side of the web! For example, while I keep the blog relatively SFW (minus the recently added fanfiction section), the content I review might be NSFW and may become apparent when you leave this blog (via ads or the actual content)

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Instead, I decided to turn on ads (WordAds) for the site. It would be super cool if you guys could turn off any type of adblocker you might have on while visiting this site. You would be helping out this starving artist! And I could use funds to create more content

Unless otherwise stated, all posts published by Crimson613 are my own honest opinions and words, and cannot be used, reprinted, modified, or published (whole or partially) ANYWHERE without my consent. It is okay to cite PARTS as long as you explicitly source me by linking back to the post you grabbed the quotes from

ALL FANFICTION AND ORIGINAL WORKS ARE OFF LIMITS unless you guys get explicit consent. Otherwise, you guys are welcome to share links to those posts.

Since this is already turning out to be a pretty in-depth disclaimer, please be aware that I review and talk (and write) about content that may be potentially triggering like dubious consent, abuse (physical, mental, emotional), age differences, etc. Starting in 2019, I will try to warn of this type of content but be aware I may slip up at times and I will not be going back to edit previous posts (there’s a lot). I will not be held liable for any type of harm that may come of this but I promise I will do my best to keep this space friendly and safe for everyone!

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I will be adding more in here as the need arises (or as I remember)

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