Weekly Reads #3

Hey guys, welcome back to the third weekly reads post! It’s actually very late in the making but ah…it’s been quite a few weeks.



Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e First Impressions (1): War is still tough┬áby Marth: I decided not to comment on this post because I’m afraid to post any spoilers. I don’t know how the anime is going to be adapting the manga but since I did read part of it, I’m hesitant. But Marth does make some good questions, especially since I just found out that the manga is ongoing. Where exactly is it going? I just saw episode two is out, gahhh thank you my reader now I gotta go watch it! Continue reading

Weekly Reads 2019 #2

Second week and I’m on task!! I’m actually super happy right now. I’ve been ticking off all the blog posts I wanted to write since I re-edited my June schedule and just #crieshappytears. But before I lose you all, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to It’s an anime thing (josmarie). Sorry, I don’t think we’ve talked before (??) but you’ve been sharing almost all my posts and just IM SO EMOTIONAL. Thank you very much!! Continue reading

ICYMI: On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline (End of Jan Roundup!)

Hey guys! So it looks like the first month for 2019 is done and over with. Next thing you know it’ll be December again. Anyone already looking for Christmas gifts? My mom likes to say it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas but I know how time works. You get comfortable with it and then next thing you know it’s 2020! As for this blog…well, it looks like I was quite the busy bee (such is the life of a bored person) Continue reading