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Hey guys! So I kind of just wanted to rant about something that happened recently. Feel free to bop me over the head or agree with me at the end

On Twitter I was contacted by a random person about a tweet I put out a while back. I know I wrote about it here, the Tezuka print package I got from the Digital Manga Kickstarter. They asked if I could scan my books so that they could read it and I answered that I don’t scan my books. I even told them that if they wanted the books, Digital Manga still had some on their site for purchase.

Now, when people I’ve never talked to contact me I always try to be polite. If they fangasm at me I fangasm back, if they talk like a normal human then I’ll do the same, and if they talk to me in ancient languages…well, I’ll do my best, haha. This time, however, this person really upset me and I brought my indignant tone out.  Continue reading


Diamond no Ace: Miyuki’s Profile on Volume 3

Hey guys~ So I forgot to mention that I got some more books on here the other day. I know I was posting up some pictures on my Twitter but I’m here now to show you my lovely new books!

You see, on the day before Thanksgiving I went to Kinokuniya and being the manga addict that I am, I bought some books and ordered the first four volumes of Diamond no Ace 😀 Continue reading


Manga Tag: My Manga Collection [Part 1]

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last wrote up a review of stuff…being busy and all has made that slightly hard. In the meantime, though, I throw this Manga Tag at you! I first saw it on Daiyamanga’s Blog and she left the challenge open to whoever wanted to participate. I thought, why not? I like showing off my books, haha Continue reading


To-do list (6 Day Absence)

Hey guys! It has now been six days (or will be tomorrow?) that I’ve left my blog unattended. I’m currently sitting at the Los Angeles Airport, waiting to be called for the Chicago flight (just a few more minutes before we start boarding). And in that time I’ve made a checklist of posts I really need to work on after I’ve slept a little and hugged my mom to death, haha.

anime airport

And here’s the list!

  1. My latest Kinokuniya purchase that came in on the day before I left to CA. Second Package!
  2. A review for Anime Expo 2015 with lots of pictures! Thoughts / Purchases
  3. A review for Seraph of the End, which I finished like 2 days? before I left for CA, yeah, probably.
  4. Quick thoughts on a new manga I read, I think it’s called The Demon Prince of Momochi House Thoughts
  5. Thought on the manga Alice the 101st (this post may come by later since I want to read up to volume 4 at least, one of my book purchases at Expo, haha) Thoughts
  6. Overview of my extra days exploring CA, with lots of pictures too! [gone]
  7. Family death right before I left for CA [gone]

The last two points will be added to my personal blog (rather than here) but once I write everything up I’ll link them here. I also need to fix the format of this post. I can’t find the bullet point option on the mobile app…oh well.

Update: I think the plane is delayed about an hour ughhhhhhh

Update 7/20: Slowly but surely finishing this! Adding links as I go 😀

Update 8/2: Ok just one more thing to do! Seraph of the End Thoughts coming soon

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Teenage Blue + Kanji Search (A Fujoshi’s Failed Attempts at Translation)

Hey guys! So last night I was playing my game (Skyrim) and I randomly started to think about my Light Novels, especially the Japanese ones (how I’d probably never know what they contained) and I got this crazy idea to try and translate them. Of course, this task is nearly impossible when: Continue reading