#theAnimangaFestival: BL Manga For the Emerging Boys Love Enthusiast

Oh boy, I was supposed to try to keep to the Animanga Festival schedule but I failed after the first post! Lucky for me, there are some free days throughout the festivities and that is where I’m going to be dropping these very late posts Continue reading

I Want a Gaming Computer, don’t you?

So it’s been awhile since I last posted anything gaming related but I recently went out to watch the League of Legends NA Finals in Boston, and like the year before, those matches got me pumped to actually play the game. Last year I ended up downloading the game but it took SO LONG to download (and later to update) that I gave up on the endeavor. And now it got me thinking about that gaming computer that’s been on my to-buy list for possibly a year now Continue reading

Crimson’s Dream Crates, What Is Yours?

Hey guys!

So I noticed it’s been awhile since I last posted something on my site. Or at least it feels that way because most of the stuff that published recently were scheduled beforehand (I know, even I surprise myself!). The only new stuff I did was the Your Name, GitS, Fate of the Furious, and Beauty and the Beast posts (yay to new movies!)

Because of that, I thought it would be fun to join in the Dream Crate posting!


I’ve seen a couple videos before (unboxings) of Loot Crate. I know my brother has wanted to try ordering one before and even I’ve considered trying this out once (if they only had the yaoi, wow you guys I’d be on that ASAP). And recently I was told that there was a Dream Crate project where we plebeians can nudge nudge wink wink at Loot Crate Continue reading

Crimson’s Top 4 Moments in Your Name Movie

Yup, this comes out before my review for Your Name. I just couldn’t help it! Since I’m talking about moments in Your Name, there’s obviously SPOILERS so please go watch the movie if you haven’t already!! And if you have watched it already, I hope you watched it more than once (lol).


Some of these moments I only realized I liked because I went back for a second watch and they meant more sense to me. Others I thoughts were hilarious, and one I love and hate with a passion. You’ll see why  Continue reading

Crimson Comments on the CR Anime [Popularity] Awards (And Places Her Votes)

A few weeks back, this thing on Crunchyroll was going around where we could go ahead and vote for our favorite shows in a few categories and now the results are out!


I actually didn’t vote for this stuff because (what I understood) was that we could only vote on one day and I just didn’t have time. If this had been opened for a few days, then I definitely would have voted! However, if you follow me on Twitter, chances are you guys saw my votes in some of the tweets I retweeted from Crunchy. (Votes that didn’t count I think, booo!)

And I’m sure nobody wants my commentary but I’m going to go ahead and give it because I want to! I know this is all opinions and everyone has probably already talked about this somewhere on the interwebs but I haven’t. Plus, I think it’s fun to also mention what I would have wanted to win!

Some Spoilers! You have been warned Continue reading