My Relationship With Harems

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I wanted to write this post and it finally happens 100 years later! As an FYI, this was a question that Kat from GrimmGirl asked me and I was stumped. For the longest time, I’d been avoiding harems. I just didn’t like the idea of a bunch of girls suddenly turning obsessive over an average guy with no bishie appeal?! Of course, this is coming from the person who sees BL vibes everywhere so maybe I’m not one to judge…

But I have to admit that I didn’t even know that harems existed until maybe a few years ago? For example, I watched Ouran High School Host Club and NEVER thought of it as a harem! It was just a really fun series about Haruhi who ends up as part of the host club in order to pay off her debt for breaking a super expensive vase. Continue reading


A Talk on Sexuality – Am I Straight, Gay, Bi, or Pan?

Hey guys! Today I have another identity-related post. ICYMI, two weeks ago I posted My Pronouns and Gender Identity – What are Yours? and I was so happy with the comments and feedback that I received!! I was actually really nervous about that post but I’m glad it resonated with the people who read it. Today I have another topic I’d like to cover: sexuality Continue reading


My Pronouns and Gender Identity – What are Yours?

Do you guys ever start talking with people and just KEEP talking for days only to realize you never really asked each other’s names? I do this a lot. In fact, when I went to a job fair last month I walked up to a table and started asking questions and then got super flustered because the person interrupted me to tell me her name and shake my hand. And being the biggest derp out there I forgot what my name was and mumbled…something? Yes, not one of the brightest moments of my life Continue reading


Crimson is Joining the #12hrmangalove Readathon!

Hey guys! So I actually decided to put up a video for this one. I forgot to do one for the other readathon I participated in AND it’s got subtitles! Someone mentioned on a blog post that we should be more aware of hearing impairments and I figured I’d add subtitles to my video to make it more accessible. It took me a hot second (or many seconds) to get that done and how I wanted them but yeah. You can turn them on with the CC button~ Continue reading


I Feel I Keep Saying This Everywhere…

So I decided to postpone it: It’s been forever since I did one of these! (A roundup slash summary of September, not limited to blogging because then this would just be like one sentence long…)

original (6)

Anyways, it’s been really hectic and I think it’s only going to get more busy starting this month. In case someone doesn’t know, classes started in September for me and once it’s October 5th, I will have been in classes for a month. Yup, how time flies…and I’ve actually been productive?! I know, even I can’t believe it. But before we jump into all that fun stuff, here are the links for my September posts: Continue reading


Bringing The Anime and BL with Me to University

Hey guys! So it’s sort of old news but I am now living on campus and I thought I’d share 1) my side of the room’s look and 2) some of my recent purchases (and by this I mean stuff I bought in the last 3 months). One of the things I struggled with when I was choosing what to bring with me was the idea of space. How much of my things would be able to fit? Were there shelves and if so how many books should I take? Would I fill the whole shelf?!

blmanga3 (2)

In the end, I sort of made a compromise with myself. I would only bring a little bit, see what was left to decorate and then bring some more stuff later on. Continue reading


One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Weird Things About Crimson

Hey guys! I finally got around to doing another of these tagged posts and I think this will be the last one this year. Why? My time is going to be taken up by all the end of year posts I want to do (they’re not many, but coupled with some irl stuff I need to do, it’s kind of a lot). I really wanted to get to the Hotties tag I got (guys, renominate me for this one so I can just talk about my bishies forever) but that might come out sometime in January Continue reading


The Unique Blogger Award: They’re BACK!

Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I was nominated for something and by that I mean that I sat down to do one. I know I’ve got like 2 that have been lost in the void of my blog Orz If I ever find them I’ll do them because they’re fun to do~


A big thanks to Suzy’s Cozy World for the nomination! Definitely go check out her blog (and her answers to her nomination) for some bookish content. By the way, your blog is my aesthetic! So pretty and organized 😀 Continue reading


Calling People By Their Names or Not?


Bit of a random thing here but as I’ve grown up I noticed I can’t seem to call people by their given names without becoming overly conscious or worried about it

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’ve been watching too much anime (haha) or if it’s something in my environment. For example, I cannot for the life of me, call any of my teachers by their names. In a sense this has become a “problem” in college since not a lot of teachers like to be called Professor XYZ. But I always feel rude if I call them by their first name because in elementary to high school that’s all we were allowed to call our teachers. It’s almost improper to call your teachers before college by their names and we’re usually corrected  Continue reading


Getting Into “Yaoi” and My First Ship

I feel like I’ve told this story so many times already but here we go again!

Image result for sasunaru

The first time I encountered yaoi was in 7th grade. I used to walk my friend home and she was the talkative type, which is honestly my favorite type of person (since I talk very little). She was talking about some anime stuff and I just happened to stop listening for a little while (darn habit!). Next thing I know she’s waiting for my response and I’m just like Uhhhh, what did you say?  Continue reading


Versatile Blogger Award [My Driving Habits]

Hello guys~

Semi-recently I was nominated for this award again by Matt from Matt-in-the-Hat! Thanks so much for the award ^^ Since he didn’t assign me a topic I actually had to use my brain to think of something entertaining for you all (but it ended up blowing up and is currently in repair)


And like always, here are the rules:

  • Display Award
  • Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog)
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Nominate ten bloggers

Awhile back I was nominated for the Lovely Blog Award where I talk about my pet peeves. Well, I thought I’d kind of use that idea again, but instead of writing about more pet peeves, I’d write about my habits. More specifically, on this one pet peeve here:

Speaking of driving, I despise traffic and dumb drivers. I commute to school and usually traffic is okay but I just stay a little longer at school I end up in traffic that can be up to 2 hours long.

Enjoy~ Continue reading


Versatile Blogger Award [My Bookshelves]

Oh wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote up one of these! This time around I was nominated by Mirror Purple, a fellow aniblogger. To check out his nomination post, click here, his blurb about me is…interesting (hehehe)



  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
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  • Nominate 15 or more bloggers and let them know you nominated them.

So he didn’t leave me a topic for this award so I’m just going to pick a random one: My Bookshelves. Continue reading


6+ Years of Fanfiction (Let’s Appreciate Some Authors!)

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write since a while ago but never really got around to finishing because my memory is so bad but since today is Fanfiction Appreciation Day I thought, what better timing? Basically, we’re going to go on a trip to my younger years, how I encountered fanfiction and where it stands in my life now. I’ll also be recommending some of my favorite stories so get those tabs ready!!

When I was in eighth grade, my English teacher styled our class as a sort of reading game where students had to read so many pages in order for us to get a passing grade. Sometimes we would be allowed to read any book we wanted and other times she would give us a topic like ‘it needs to be fantasy based or a mystery.’ Before this class I never read. Whenever I looked at a book I would instantly cringe and only reading 5-10 pages would lead to headaches.  Continue reading


3 Day Quote: The Feelings and Moments

Hey guys~ So I took a break from this challenge yesterday because Valentine’s Day was just absorbing my soul! I went to work that day, came home super tired, slept for most of the day, and then went out to (over)eat.

But now that Valentine’s Day is over (though the love still feels like it’s in the air), I decided to come back and post Day 8. While still a little sleepy, I will say I’m better than I was yesterday AND my wrist doesn’t hurt today, haha Continue reading


Versatile Blogger Award [My Creative Writing]

Hey guys!

So the other day before coming home from work I found that I’d been nominated for another award and being the greedy little blogger that I am, I was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to write this post up! I wanted to post this days ago but didn’t want to clutter dashboards so I decided to wait a bit. And seeing as I totally skipped on the 3 Day Quote challenge (I’M SORRY), I thought I’d post this today! Continue reading