Jon’s March 2020 Creator Showcase: Twenty-Eight Posts to Help Make Your Quarantine Less Stressful and More Inspiring!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to this sorry excuse of a blog. Crimson here. First off, I’d like to apologize for this month’s showcase and to any first-timers who decided to join for March. To the regulars, you know I really like to be on top of things when it comes to submissions to the point you all want to block me (don’t lie, I KNOW, lol) but this month has been…well I’m sure you all know. And to the newcomers, wow, you really saw a bad side of me, I promise I’m not always like this and I promise this showcase is usually more fun and community-based!!

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Jon’s September 2019 Creator Showcase: Fifty-One Posts to Cuddle With Under Your Blankets!

Hey guys!! Welcome back to the blog for another Jon’s Creator Showcase post. I’m super excited to show you all the goodies that everyone submitted, which seriously blew me away! Usually, I only have about 30 submissions to show you all, but this time we got FIFTY-ONE of them!! I also usually try to get this out sooner but UHM October is really kicking my butt OOF Continue reading

#theAnimangaFestival: Why do I Love Boys Love and my Husbands?

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first day of The Animanga Festival here at Cute Boys Central. Since the first day of the event is a free day, I thought it was a good idea to write a little bit about my blog and my love for cute boys, you know, before jumping into the goodies for the month


I have told this story before (so I won’t go into much detail), but the first time I learned about boys love was when I was in (about) 8th grade, which means I was 13. An otaku friend of mine mentioned it in passing but never really explained what it was, and curious little me decided to ask the internet. I would NOT recommend doing this in 2019, but in whatever year it was when I was a wee lad, looking up yaoi on the internet only showed you cute SasuNaru images. It was love at first sight

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Crimson is Joining #theAnimangaFestival This Year (And You Should Too)!

Good morning everyone! We are slowly approaching the start of October, which is really one of my favorite months ever. I don’t go trick or treating but (oh boy), I love seeing all the Halloween and Spooky stuff at stores and at random houses (we have an Intense Neighbor)


And okay, this post has NOTHING to do with Halloween but aren’t these two really cute? I suddenly feel inspired to go trick or treating. But I probably won’t because that takes too much effort. I mean, I have to make a costume since apparently old people only give candies to the costumed and then I have to go walking (preposterous!)

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Crimson is Hosting #theJCS for September – Send Me Your Best Stuffs!

It seems like I’m always welcoming everyone back to my blog after hibernating for a few months and alas, this September is no different. Hello everyone and welcome back to the next installment of the Jon’s Creator Showcase! While last month I was so excited about hosting this event that I almost wrote an introduction post a month before I was scheduled, this month I was so deep in my sleep that I forgot. Luckily, Jon decided to have mercy on me

Also, wow past me, talk about picking the worst month to host. Not so much because I don’t want to read your August posts (I DO!) but because it just happens to be the month I designated my rest and no blogging month. Or maybe I shouldn’t have decided to hibernate in September… Continue reading