OWLS Treasure Blog Tour: Loving Yourself Is A Process Requiring Strength and Perseverance

Now, if you know OWLS and you’ve been following us, you might have been redirected to this post by the words and feels master Takuto, over at Takuto’s Anime Cafe. I swear, every time he makes an OWLS post I just feel like I understand everything he means. And from this month’s post, he mentions “It’s hard to talk about suicide and say “just the right thing” at “just the right time.” When is that time? Is it my fault for not knowing? It’s all just so . . . pressuring…”. This is exactly how I feel about sensitive topics like depression, suicide, and other mental health issues, but at the same time I always find myself attracted to broken characters Continue reading


Late to the Game but Better Late Than Never [OWLS June Posts]

I usually post this thing at the beginning of the month but as a few of you might have noticed, I’ve been MIA. But that hasn’t stopped me from going around the wordpress community and checking out my fellow OWLS posts and I think we’ve hit another home run! So far everyone’s posts have been great and you should all check them out if you haven’t already

For this month, here was our topic: Continue reading


OWLS Strength Blog Tour: Shirotani’s Mental Fortitude and Helping Hand (It’s OK to Need Help Sometimes)

For this tour, we will be exploring anime characters that have overcome adversity due to a personal insecurity or physical weakness. It is these type of characters that many anime fans may identify as role models because fans are able to feel empathetic towards these characters’ struggles and insecurities


Because I already talked about Kyoko for the Sanctuary tour, I guess that means I can’t talk about her for this one (or you know, if I did, it would just end up as a repeat of the other). Instead, I thought I’d talk a little bit about a boy’s love manga because I’ve just been itching to talk about one for this tour since forever Continue reading


Of Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and OWLS May Blog Tour Schedule

Hey guys! So we are now in May eherm the BEST month of the whole year. I take no arguments over this fact


Why is it the best month ever? Because I get to eat cake three times

I know, it’s amazing isn’t it. It’s the only month I can eat so many cakes and not get the whole ‘you’re eating too much junk’ talk. You see in May my family has 2 birthdays and then Mother’s Day! I’ll be making cheesecake and ordering some other kind of ‘real’ cake for the celebrations (oh snap, that mean’s it’s 6 cakes!!) Continue reading


OWLS Colors Blog Tour: Crimson’s Upbringing and (Lack of) Connection to Colors

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all been enjoying all the OWLS posts this month (I know I have)

For this month we did a topic that a lot of our members were looking forward to. Two people that I can think of who were pretty excited about this month’s theme are Naja, who wrote about Killer Bee and the Shinobi of the Hidden Cloud Village, and Kat, who wrote about diversity in Bleach. For this blog tour I also noticed a lot of our members branching out of the anime fandom. For example, Arria wrote about live action movies, Lyn wrote about a South Korean webtoon, and Rai talked about Avatar

Me on the other hand. I was slightly nervous about the topic and for my tour stop I thought I’d do a little bit of “get to know me”, anime, and discussion post. Don’t worry, no baby pictures shall be disclosed in this post (hehehe) Continue reading


OWLS April Tour Schedule and Other Fun Updates!

Hey guys! So it looks like I’m a tad late with this post but figured “better late than never”, right? ^^

giphy (2)

This month OWLS is touching on a topic I felt has been really important lately and something I never really took notice of until now. Our tour is called “Colors” and we’ll be looking at race, people of color in anime, and how they are represented in media  Continue reading


[OWLS Sanctuary Blog Tour] Kyoko’s Journey to Accepting Love and Acquiring Inner Sanctuary

**Spoilers for Skip Beat manga + this is a long post**

A couple of days ago OWLS did a little tag game on Twitter for Intl Women’s Day, where we had to post who our favorite female characters were. The first character that came to mind was Kyoko from Skip Beat. I’ve loved her for almost 10 years now and even as I wait “patiently” for the next manga update, I get emotional for her struggles in life.

Image result for skip beat manga volume 1

Now, if you’re wondering why I’m mentioning Kyoko, it’s because the OWLS blog tour for March deals with “Sanctuary” and Kyoko was the first person I thought of in terms of the topic Continue reading


2 Months In and We’re Still Going STRONG

I can’t believe it guys. I can’t believe it.

It seriously feels like the OWLS Bloggers just came together a few weeks ago but we’ve already completed 2 Blog Tours and now we’re on our third!


Our third Blog Tour focuses on the term “Sanctuary.” Basically we’ll be talking about where characters in anime take refuge when they need a place to feel safe. This could be a tangible or intangible space.  Continue reading


OWLS on ICE!! Blog Tour

I can’t believe we’re already in February! Next thing you know it’s going to be March, April, May, DECEMBER! Haha

As a recap, we just completed our first OWLS Blog Tour on January 30th and we’re not stopping there just yet. We’ve already got February all lined up with great posts for you all. Great posts featuring a certain ice skating anime, anyone care to guess?

So here’s the story: OWLS had this very democratic election for when the next tour would be and about what. Sneaky me went ahead and put in a ton of YOI ballets without anyone noticing and BAM YOI Blog Tour (but seriously, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, I see you Arria hehehe)

Related image

One of the reasons YOI got such a huge crowd (I feel) is that it treated being gay as secondary and touched on issues of gender identity successfully (subjective here). Neither Victor or Yuri were defined by their sexuality and they were your normal everyday characters with relatable life problems. Because of that (and their over 9000 Cuteness levels), OWLS decided it would be a great series to talk about during February, the supposed month of love and friendship Continue reading


[OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour] Conexiones en Erased y Cómo Una Persona Puede Hacer Una Diferencia

Esta publicación estaba originalmente en inglés (en enero del 2017) y fue traducido porque quiero practicar mi escritura en español. Creo que lo hice más o menos “bien” 


Hola! Hoy tenemos un post especial, como ustedes quizás notaron en el programa que publiqué la semana pasada…1) yo marco la mitad del Tour y 2) hoy fue la inaguración

Cuando iba manejando a casa escuche que la calle Lake Shore Drive estaba cerrada porque habían protestas. Yo hubiera estado alla también, si sólo pudiera salirme del trabajo. Pero no pasó y tuve que escuchar la inauguración en el trabajo porque mi jefe es un seguidor de Trump…pero me divago! La razón que menciono esto es porque queda perfecto con el primer Blog Tour de OWLS, que se centra en Disruptores Continue reading


OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour: Connections in Erased and How A Single Person CAN Make a Difference

Hey guys! Today we have a special post, as you may have noticed from the OWLS Blog Tour Schedule I posted last week, and it just so happens that 1) I mark the middle of the tour and 2) today was the inauguration


As I was driving home tonight, I heard that Lake Shore Drive was closed because of protestors. I would have been down there as well, if I could have gotten out of work, but alas, I was stuck listening to the Inauguration because my boss is a Trump supporter…but I digress! Why I mention the inauguration is because it fits perfectly with OWLS first blog tour, which is centered around Disruptors.  Continue reading


OWLS Blog Tour Has Begun!!

Hey guys!

Remember I mentioned that I was part of this super awesome blogging group that would be blogging about acceptance and love in the community? Yeah, I don’t really remember much either, you see, it all started a few weeks back when I got hit in the head and my memory was wiped clean, Nada in my brain


Luckily, I had this really awesome dream that brought it all back and now that my hands are free to run across a keyboard for things other than typing in numbers into an accounting program, I thought I’d let you all know… Continue reading


OWLS: Free to be ME!

Hey guys ^^

So many of you might have heard about this already (from other members) and I did allude to a community project in my last Blogging Update post, and (well) it’s past December 12th which means I can talk about it some more!

Ever since November 9th there’s been a surge of violence, stress, and fear around the country, and it’s been something unavoidable on social media, the news, and on the streets. Taking all of this into account, an awesome fellow blogger Kausus (OGZ) thought up an idea to show our love and support for the communities undergoing stress over what happened. A bunch of great bloggers were rounded up and here we are now, about to make our debut!


Who are weBlog ToursMembershipCurrent Members Continue reading