Naka-Kon Haul: My First Year

Hello everyone! Well now, it feels almost like forever since I was last in Overland Park but really it was only…4 days ago? Ok so maybe it has been a while…that’s weird, how did we get to Thursday so soon? Continue reading


February Book Haul! No Space on the Shelf…

Hey guys! Here I am again, spending my money after only just receiving my check…

If you guys saw, I posted a picture of some of my buys on Twitter, but I knew I just had to tell you all on here! So yesterday my brother and I went to get our car’s oil changed and tires checked. Since we were pretty far out, I decided we could stop by at Kinokuniya to pick up my books. It was not on the way over but I figured that if we were out already, I wouldn’t mind driving around. And the store had contacted me about my order coming in so if anything, that was my excuse for going. Continue reading

New Books: Pre-Thanksgiving Treat

Hey guys~

Just wanted to show you all some new books that I’m really excited about! You see, today was both one of the worst days of my life and best. Worst because I had to go grocery shopping for curry, sushi, and gyoza ingredients, though that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that the store that has many of the essential ingredients is about a 2 hour drive away with 3 tolls. Continue reading

Kickstarter Package: Osamu Tezuka

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last wrote about the Alabaster Kickstarter. If you followed me on my other blog around the time I first started blogging, that’s where I first announced I’d be helping fund the reprinting of Osamu Tezuka’s book Alabaster. Continue reading

2-in-1 Special: Yaoi-con + AWA Buys!!!

Hey guys! 🙂

So I recently went to two conventions, practically back to back! On the weekend of September 18 – 20 I went to one of my yearly cons, Yaoicon 😀 and from September 24 – 27 I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta! >_< I’ve been a busy congoer this month Continue reading