Blogwarming Party

Hello! If you stumbled onto this page then that means you’re curious as to what this Blogwarming Party is about, neh? WELL, the Blogwarming Party is a project run and started by Irina over at I Drink and Watch Anime as their way to help out new and smaller anime bloggers into our little family!

And I decided to just add it to my blog to also help out as much as I can. Granted, she’s way better at writing out these little things out than me AND I always run a bit behind. Still, hopefully, I can be of SOME help (lol). Two other bloggers that help Irina on this project include Karandi over at 100 Word Anime and Remy over at The Lily Garden but you may also hear about this project on other bloggers’ pages.

But how do you get your stuff featured? First I’d definitely check out Irina’s official Blogwarming post and then I’d go Send an Email (Contact Form)