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If you don’t already know, my name is Crimson and this here is my anime and BL blog where I post my thoughts on otaku content, conventions, and other anime related stuff (usually with lots of screaming over my husbands). I have also recently incorporated some fanfiction to the site because it wouldn’t be an accurate representation of my fujoshi life if my OTPs didn’t live here as well! For anything bookish and lifestyle-related, check out Read at Night and if you like travel content I also post at Wanderlust Otaku

Some things I aspire to do as a blogger include creating a space where I can talk about my likes and dislikes with others (so please, join in on the conversation), learn about new anime/manga content from others, recommend anime/manga content, and meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to (because I get super nervous when I talk to new people and the computer/internet is my hiding place).

Please enjoy your stay (˶′◡‵˶)

Thanks for visiting!!

p.s. If you’re finding it hard to navigate or if there are any broken links somewhere, let me know so that I can get that fixed! (I think I will forever be in a state of maintenance)



I do not own any of the media used on this site like screenshots, gifs, music, and more (unless I explicitly say so). I just use them for review and fangirling purposes. Most of the time I nab them from a google search or from a Netflix/Crunchyroll video (I screenshot stuff). I try to stay away from fanart for obvious reasons but if you see something that is yours and you’d like me to take it down LET ME KNOW and I’ll do so asap! I also link to other sites like Amazon and am not responsible for the one-click buy syndrome or what you may find on the other side of the web! For example, while I keep the blog relatively SFW, the content I review might be NSFW via external links and ads

While I used to use Amazon’s affiliate links, I stopped because nobody was using my links (#cries) so instead I decided to turn on ads (WordAds) for the site. It would be super cool if you guys could turn off any type of adblocker you might have on while visiting this site. You would be helping out this starving artist!


Curious as to when I post content? Simple answer: whenever I want/it’s random. Long answer: I dabble between extremely lazy to extremely busy, working up to two jobs at a time or going to school and being bombarded by lots of work (or sometimes work and school). Add to that, I am a very slow blogger. Sometimes a single post may take me about 4-5 hours to write, so really I’m a bag of randomness

Support Me

The best way to support my content is by dropping likes and comments as those feed my soul and motivate me to keep blogging! But if you really enjoy my content, then please feel free to Buy Me a Coffee! I also have a Patreon where the smallest tier is $1 a month. Tiers come and go depending on how much time I have on hand

Contact Me

Oh hey! I have a contact sheet! Feel free to contact me about anything. I’m totally up for collaboration type posts, if you have suggestions, would like to see certain types of posts, or even just to say hi! “I like getting mail,” she says as she reloads the page and still zero mail from adoring fans

Domain Name

Great news! I now have the domain myfujoshilife.com, which will be a permanent part of this blog

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    • Haha, no worries, I’ll definitely check it out! I actually really like to read and write these things, lets me learn more about the community 🙂


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