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#theAnimangaFestival: Why do I Love Boys Love and my Husbands?

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first day of The Animanga Festival here at Cute Boys Central. Since the first day of the event is a free day, I thought it was a good idea to write a little bit about my blog and my love for cute boys, you know, before jumping into the goodies for the month


I have told this story before (so I won’t go into much detail), but the first time I learned about boys love was when I was in (about) 8th grade, which means I was 13. An otaku friend of mine mentioned it in passing but never really explained what it was, and curious little me decided to ask the internet. I would NOT recommend doing this in 2019, but in whatever year it was when I was a wee lad, looking up yaoi on the internet only showed you cute SasuNaru images. It was love at first sight

And as I grew up with yaoi, I’ve come to realize that the times have changed. The nice part is that yaoi has pretty much exploded in one way or another. But before I jump into that, I’d like to get some terms sorted out based on how I use them. Remember, language is always shifting! Don’t quote me but I believe they used to all be interchangeable

❀️ Boy’s Love: I use this as my umbrella term for anything related to a male/male relationship in anime. This can be sexual or non-sexual, romantic or non-romantic. So basically Boy’s Love to me includes shounen-ai and yaoi

❀️ Shounen-ai: This is the term I use to refer to a male/male relationship in anime that is non-sexual and possibly non-romantic. An example for this is No. 6’s Nezumi and Shion, but it can also refer to the deeper relationship between two siblings or two co-workers or just two friends. An example of this can be An Uncomfortable Truth, which is about the relationship between two brothers and their definitions of love (not incest)

❀️ Yaoi: This is the most commonly used word in BL and it’s usually what people think of when BL is mentioned. Yaoi is all the smut and butt touching in BL and most of the R18 content. I say most because there are some shounen-ai that I consider to be R18 because of the violence, but they contain no sex (Moritat)

❀️ Fujoshi/Fudanshi/Fujin: These are terms for people who like and consume BL! Fujoshi is used by woman and means “rotten girl”, Fudanshi by men and means “rotten boy”, and (as I recently discovered) Fujin exists for BL lovers outside of the men and women spectrum (since -jin means person)

Now that that’s been taken care of…


One way that BL has exploded is that we now have more BL anime! Anime I haven’t watched because they aren’t usually very good. With the exception of my favorite Doukyuusei. There’s just something so refreshing about actually seeing two guys kiss without there being some sort of “explanation” or censorship. It’s just them wanting to be in a relationship, saying it to each other, being in a relationship, and existing together. It’s so beautiful

This is what I see as a positive since this also means that BL is starting to “come out”. We’ve also gotten so many new titles that aren’t your classic seme forces self on uke story, which is always great!

But with coming out, comes great criticism. Or perhaps it’s also because of the history of the fujoshi (not so much fudanshis, I feel like nobody ever talks about them) being a nutcase who can’t sort reality from fantasy. There are many horror stories. Lump that bad history with just the general opinion (of some people) that being gay is some sort of crime, a perversion, and I don’t know…abominable? And we have the one thing I want to talk about

Why do you like yaoi? What sets you apart from those rabid disgusting fans?!


Whoops, sorry guys, these gifs have me foaming at the mouth. Like what the heck, I’ve never watched this show and I doubt it’s BL but THE VIBES ARE STRONG.

Eherm, anyways. Yes, the questions from before. Why do people like yaoi?

When I first started to read yaoi and save all those shipping pictures, I didn’t have a reason outside of it’s cute and wow, why wouldn’t you like something like this?? But as the years passed and the criticism got worse, I always felt like I had to have a reason that wasn’t it’s cute, it’s freaking hot, and uhm, please marry me? Because that would make me seem like those “other fans”, the ones with the bad rep. And nobody wants to be them, right? And don’t get me started on the whole homoeroticism yelling

And what do attacked people do? Apparently, they fight back, but not me. I started to take these arguments to heart


Most of this is coming from the gay community and people who spent millions of dollars to preach the gay code and others who bandwagoned, right? So a lot of it must be valid? They have the authority here and I’m just some random person who started reading gay fanfiction at age 13 who does think gay guys getting it on is hot but who would also get a little toasty if there was a sexy straight scene so…who is right?

There even came a moment where I felt that I had to use my identity as “part of the lgbtq community” I don’t actually feel like I’m part of the community, that’s why it’s in quotes as a defense to this. After all, I’m not actually straight so these protestors aren’t talking about me, right?

I dreaded ever having to defend my position as a fujoshi, which is a title I proudly wore for years until I decided to drop it because I wanted something more gender-neutral (I’m still a proud yaoi lover ok!!). And I also always tried to avoid being dragged into these types of conversations, so I’m super glad that the community I’m a part of just accepts my love for cute gay boys (you guys are amazing!)

And now I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t care anymore

I mean, why should I defend the things I like to do? Why do fujins like yaoi? Well, why do people like heterosexual couples? Is it that people like heterosexual couples or that the concept has been ingrained into their minds so they “like” straight couples. I think this is the case with the majority of the world but I also think that some people have actually explored their sexuality and have decided for the straight couple


Ok, let’s forget other people and speculation and answering a question with another confrontational question

Why have I decided on the BL? Because the boys are cute, the relationships more interesting, and it’s HAWT. Like, have you guys ever seen two boys be so cute they make you cry? Or seen an interaction and screamed so loud people thought you were being butchered? And the truth is, you were being butchered, but they just don’t understand REAL pain

Or maybe you saw the fluff and just, MY KOKORO and it lifts your mood for the rest of the year?

Because that’s the power these boys have over me

super lovers

And you know, you’ll have those people that will say that you can find the same in straight couples, so why do they have to be gay? Romance is romance, isn’t it? Like anything that’s debated, the possible reasons can vary but the biggest seems to be the women in media whose only purpose is to move the male character arc along and settle down before she gets “old”. Yes, there are female characters who break this mold (I think?!), but in general, female characters tend to not be as developed as their male counterparts and they also usually end up as some sort of full-time housewife and/or mother. And no I’m not saying this is bad, I mean, be what you wanna be, but also, why are there no single (and no kids) badass women who aren’t seen in a bad light?

Like, I don’t know any? Feel free to leave me their numbers but my deviant armada has a tight hold on me

Ok, I went off on a tangent but the point is, why should I write a whole essay to validate why I like something? I like Reese’s but you don’t see people harassing me over a chocolate bar


Yes, EAT HIS FACE. Oh, you guys are still here. What do you mean I haven’t answered the second question yet?? Didn’t you guys hear me say I didn’t want to write an essay on the subject? Ok, Ok, I’ll be nice this time

The answer is that I don’t know and that it varies from boy to boy

But I guess I should probably define WHAT a husbando is. You are not going to believe it but I called Natti Natasha my waifu the other day and then was like wait, why are you my waifu what is a waifu why don’t I know even though this word is so commonly used and like everyone just gets it *ponders life’s Big Truths for months*

❀️ Husbando: A fictional character (usually from an anime) that women care for so much they refer to them as husbando. The feelings one has for a husbando can range between love, obsession, worship or a mix of said feelings. Some have multiple husbandos and some have just one. Many women prefer Husbandos to 3D men because they suck ass and 2D men are superior to 3D men in every way.

thank you, Urban Dictionary


I believe I have chosen the Husbando of Husbandos here like MMM, yeah, not just anyone can touch that

There are many reasons I gravitate towards certain characters. For Sebastian, I mean LOOK at the guy. He’s so handsome but also he’s so competent in everything that he does. And I know, he’s a demon, he has an advantage to all other bishies, but do you think I care?! Plus, I feel like I’d be pampered so well…if he wanted my soul and thought I was worth his time. Look, I know how to be realistic with my chances, even when they’re of the 2D variety

And while physical attractiveness is the main reason I’ll even give a character a chance, I have to admit that something else about them has to pull me in. I mean, I can list a lot of characters I think are handsome and cute, but I didn’t feel like they made the gif cut because a connection wasn’t made between us. But going through my list of husbandos would be a whole other post!

k project

Plus, we would have a little problem. You see, I don’t usually have “a husbando” but a husbando and his boyfriend…I’m especially partial to the 2-for-1 combo

Like yes, my husbandos are sexy as hell (see what I did there, ha…) but I don’t really want their attention. I want them to want their boyfriends, which may or may not be canon (usually not canon) and if I were to exist in that world I’d probably be the self-proclaimed best friend…or that voyeur girlfriend?! Oomph! I just destroyed the little authority and respect I had

Wow, if you made it this far, awesome! I swear this post was supposed to be short and funny and not ranty but tangents are powerful creatures

Like always, let’s talk in the comments section

Instead of closing this post, why not head on over to another Animanga Festival post?

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