Sometimes we just have to say goodbye (even when it hurts)

When it comes time to split up the year into sections, you guys might have noticed (or not), that I like to say that the year is about to end. Even when it’s only March…


Well, it’s now October 1st and we are now officially three months away from 2020. And once Thanksgiving hits, is it even possible to tell the difference between November and Christmas and New Year? If you answered yes, please let me know what sort of witchcraft you are using because I could really use some help remembering what day it is…year-round

But if there IS something I remember, it’s cleaning. I blame it on my mom who can’t leave the house until everything is clean. And we have a tradition here that the whole house has to be cleaned up before the year ends, otherwise…I don’t know, bad vibes? Messy house for the whole year?

And I thought I would expand that energy into my blogging life

I had actually hoped to put my blog on private for the rest of 2019 but I ended up much busier than expected. I’m on the last leg of #theJCS (there’s still time to submit stuff, tell your friends and make sure to submit something if you haven’t already!) and today Auri’s Animanga Festival kicks off. And you all know how bad I am at saying ‘no’ to temptation (hint: very bad). Which means that I will be cleaning up my blog and social media accounts with you guys watching (or not, stop peeking!)


I’ve already done a few changes. For example, if you guys saw a stalker bin follow you on Instagram, that was me. You see, I’m going to be deleting my Instagram account with the read_atnight username. I really wanted to keep it but in reality, I wasn’t using it enough to feel like I needed it. So…to the trash it goes…

I also made a list of other sites and asked myself if I was even using them. If they were for personal use (Pinterest), then they stayed. If they weren’t costing me anything to run them (Facebook), then I figured it wouldn’t hurt to leave it (especially if people ARE being redirected to my blog via that site). And if I wasn’t actively using it, then it would be going (Anchor). Nobody ask me about Tumblr, that hell site is so addicting

I was actually surprised by how many I didn’t delete. Is that a good thing or sentimentality speaking? I like to think I’m doing a good job at purging. And that leaves the hardest part for last, my blogs


I feel like a lot of people don’t really bother with their blogs too much in the long run, but I can’t help always looking back and being haunted by my posts. So I actually already started purging a lot of my old posts. I haven’t seen a lot of them popping up in my stats page so I don’t think anyone will actually miss them…aside from me

I have this terrible packrat habit. At home, to really get everything cleaned up in my room, I had to Deep Clean about three times and even now I still have cards, rocks, necklaces, drawings, etc. that people have given me (which they probably don’t even remember) because I’m a sentimental child

Which is why it always hits me really hard when I lose posts…

This is actually going to take me the rest of the year to clear up since I also want to update pages, fix any broken links that may exist, fix broken pictures (I don’t know how this happened since I hardly ever touch my media folder), and possibly fix the formatting of my old posts. In my old posts, I would wrap text around my images and I don’t think that formatting transfers very well on mobile so I will be trying to center all my images


As for Read at Night, I will be discontinuing book reviews the way I’ve been doing. I had a lot of fun participating in blog tours and getting to do that little bit of extra content when someone gives me the chance, but looking back, I think I enjoy writing reviews for books I don’t request. Just for books that I randomly pick up and enjoy

Of course, this means that I might not write a book review in a LONG while on the blog (although I won’t lie, if there’s a book I really want to read and it’s through a blog tour, I’ll sign up for it, lol)

But I will be using that space to continue talking about topics that have anything to do with my feelings on certain non-otaku content (like identity). For example, I want to talk about my car and how it can be a metaphor to how I connect with people (nope, has nothing to do with transportation). Content on R@N is still up in the air and not really my main priority right now

I had briefly considered deleting the site but sentimentality hit and it’s not just my content that I would be deleting but the content of other bloggers as well. And, well, how could I do something so cruel? My fellow blogger buds put time and effort and feelings into their posts! See what I mean about this being tough


AND, as my usual custom, I’ve changed my blog’s theme. I suddenly had the urge to have a cute theme but there aren’t many cute ones I have access to. So I went with the Expound theme and placed three of my favorite boys as my header. I can’t really customize it, otherwise, I’d make that black bar a tan, but ’tis what it is

I’ve also changed my menu (permanently?) and made it simpler. Before I had subpages but I was like too much work for someone checking out my blog 

Well then, those are my cleaning plans. I also plan to go on hiatus with certain projects and just focusing more on my own content. October I will be posting some stuff for the Animanga Festival, November I might go AWOL, and for December I haven’t decided if I will be AWOL or participating in the 12 days of Anime

It really makes me feel sad and guilty but sometimes we just have to say goodbye to things

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