Crimson is Hosting #theJCS for September – Send Me Your Best Stuffs!

It seems like I’m always welcoming everyone back to my blog after hibernating for a few months and alas, this September is no different. Hello everyone and welcome back to the next installment of the Jon’s Creator Showcase! While last month I was so excited about hosting this event that I almost wrote an introduction post a month before I was scheduled, this month I was so deep in my sleep that I forgot. Luckily, Jon decided to have mercy on me

Also, wow past me, talk about picking the worst month to host. Not so much because I don’t want to read your August posts (I DO!) but because it just happens to be the month I designated my rest and no blogging month. Or maybe I shouldn’t have decided to hibernate in September…


ANYWAY. If this is your first time hearing about this project, here’s a little info about it (I’d also check out Jon’s official post):

The Jon Creator Showcase was created by Jon over at Jon Spencer Reviews at the beginning of 2018 (or end of ’17, depends on how you look at it, lol). His goal for this project was to have content creators share their work in an interactive way regardless of skill or following. The project was run by Jon only for a month because of IRL situations and as a way to not let the project die, Raistlin suggested having multiple hosts. Since then the Jon’s Creator Showcase has been touring around the blogosphere!

August was hosted by Moya over at The Moyatorium, and just in case there was a month you missed, the full list of stops can be found right here. There are tons of great posts so be sure to check out a couple (or all of them)!

If anyone is interested in hosting this showcase then make sure to follow Jon on Twitter, follow #theJCS for updates, AND (because why not?) keep an eye on this here signup sheet! It looks like we’re in need of a December host so why not join in the fun?



If you guys have already participated in previous months (and especially months hosted by moi), then let’s get going! Head on over to Twitter and start submitting because I haven’t changed a thing. BUT, if you’re new here are the “rules”:

What can you submit?

All creative content is welcome! It can be a blog post, a youtube video, fanfiction, fanart, a comic, a podcast, pictures, an essay, anything as long as what you are sharing is yours and is respectful (18+ content is ok). You can also submit posts and art of any subject so please don’t think that because my blog is anime and yaoi geared, your submissions have to be as well. Submit something about anime, book, travel, lifestyle, music, essays, random opinions and life updates, and more.

Remember that the posts you submit must be content that you created in August. I would recommend not double submitting something and instead, prompting someone new to join in the fun (but it’s fine if you do)


Submissions are going to be done via Twitter and they need to be tagged #theJCS AND @readatnight00. This makes it easy for me to find your submissions. You can also leave your links in the comment sections of this post or DM me on Twitter if you’re feeling shy!

In addition to this, please tag at least one more person (ideally 3) so that more people can participate. It’s going to work as a chain. If you feel that everyone you know has already been tagged, try to find some new bloggers. If you have not been tagged feel free to jump into existing conversations or start a new thread, just remember to tag me so I get a notification. I will be looking through the tag as frequently as possible but there’s a possibility I might miss submissions if I’m not tagged. How do you know if I missed your submission? If I don’t like your tweet by the cut off date, send me a DM or bug me because chances are I didn’t see it…

Submissions for the September showcase begin today and will officially run until October 5th at midnight PST. The final showcase roundup post will be up the next day and I will try and add as many people as possible! I usually try to have the post up early the next month but since we’re starting a bit late, I figured I’d push my luck

Art Submissions

If anyone submits art for this showcase, I will be linking to whatever site you post your art (IG, dA, a website, etc), however, if you don’t have a website where you post art, I can post it directly to the final roundup post (and you’ll be credited of course!).


If there are any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section, tweet at me, or contact Jon (@JS_Reviews) and we’ll get back to you asap.


Now that we’ve gone through all that, here is the start of the thread. Again, if you’re not tagged, feel free to make your own thread but make sure to tag me


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