Possibly the First Livestream I Was Happy With? – OWLS Tech Stream

Hey guys, so just wanted to drop this video on the blog. Earlier “today” OWLS had their July technology end of the month recap livestream and I was part of it. I was really feeling good about it since I actually sat down and outlined like 90% of the stream the fam kidnapped me for food making the other 10% so I missed the ending outline and I think it showed through?! I mean, I try to outline other days but this day I only really felt like I was going to collapse from nervousness 10 minutes before the stream started usually i’m shaking all the way through. guess enough practice makes betterish

EHERM. Joining me on this nervewracking adventure was Jack from Animated Observations so if you ever wanted to know what he sounds like, NOWS YOUR CHANCE. He’s got a good voice! (It’s been eons since I last said this, Mr. Lopez, are you possibly being dethroned?!). And did an awesome job summarizing and picking out the main points of all the posts #jealousofhiseloquency

For this month’s topic, we will be discussing how technology impacts our relationships with others and how it improves our lives (such as in communication, education, and etc.) by exploring the technology used in various anime and pop culture worlds.

Funny story: After the livestream ended, I had to book it to my brother’s new high school to do his registration (he’s now officially a freshman!!). I was 100% sure the stream was over. I mean, I pressed the button! But when I came back home two hours later, I found that the stream still said LIVE and it was at 3.5 hours long…!! I spent so long trying to figure out how to stop it. Don’t worry, the video isn’t that long. Youtube was nice enough to fix my errors but derp, there’s my technological butt at work…

And these were only the AFTER stream problems I had (kekekeke)

These are the posts we discussed!


7/8: July OWLS Tour – This One Is Going To Be A Challenge from Irina (I Drink and Watch Anime)

7/10: OWLS (Technology): Summer Wars and Family from Dylan (DynamicDylan)

7/11: Balancing the Technological and the Real in SSSS.Gridman [OWLS Jul. ’19 Blog Tour] from Aria (The AniManga Spellbook)

7/12: OWLS July “Technology” Post: Psycho-Pass, Technology, and the Reality of Privacy and Justice from Jack (Animated Observations)

7/13: Kino’s Journey: Navigating This Beautiful World | OWLS “Technology” from Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

7/14: OWLS: Writing is a Technology—Showcasing Writing in Your Name from Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

7/15: Recovery of an MMO Junkie 🖱😎 from Hikari (Hikari Otaku Station)

7/16: Mental Media Takeover | OWLS Technology Blog Tour Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

7/17: Technology According To The Anime & Mobile Game Ingress! from Shay (Shay Taree)

7/19: Adventures Through Mobile Connectivity [OWLS July Blog Tour: Technology] from Carla (Pop Culture Literary)

7/20: [July 2019 OWLS] Boruto – Technology, the tools of hope from Matt (Matt in the Hat)

7/21: [OWLS July Blog Tour] Final Friendly Frontier from Megan (Nerd Rambles)

7/22: The Technology of Medicine: REAL (OWLS Blog Tour) from Auri (Manga Toritsukareru Koto)

7/24: [July 2019 OWLS Tour] Cities Built On Dreams and Robot Arms from Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

7/25: [OWLS Tour] When the Technology Takes the Control Over Our Life from Mel (Mel in Anime Land)

7/26: OWLS July 2019: Revolutionising Recreational Racing & Self-Identity with Technologyfrom Neha (BiblioNyan)

7/27: OWLS July Technology Blog Tour: What Does It Mean to Be a Hero? from me

August Theme Announced


In the video, we also reveal the August theme so please stay ’til the end! Please leave a comment, your thoughts, feedback, really anything so that we know if you like these recap videos or if we should just pack our bags and retire. Also, special shoutout to Mel who was there during the stream!!

Since we did it in the “morning” (early afternoon), not many people were available to stop by. We hope we did everyone’s posts justice~

About OWLS


OWLS is a group of content creators who promote acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. We emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being. Every month we discuss real-world topics through online tours, sharing personal experiences and analyzing pop culture, literature, and other forms of media.

Even though we come from all walks of life, each and every one of our amazing members are dedicated to our cause!

Follow OWLS on their blog, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram

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