2019 Monthly Roundup #2: July

Welcome back to another monthly roundup on the blog. We are now officially part of the second half of the year, which is crazy because I’m not ready to get older yet! Like the last time I wrote one of these, this post will mainly be about posts that appeared on my blog, what I did this month, and possibly what I have planned for next month

Posts I Enjoyed by Moi


I was trying to think back to how I felt during the month of July and I think it was pretty productive, but now that I have to choose some of my favorite posts I wrote…where did they all go?!

🌺 Space is the Place: Exploring the Symbolism of the Moons in Bahamut: I had a lot of fun with this one (contrary to the anxious mess it starts off with) because it was a collaboration! Scott was the genius behind the idea and it really made me feel like I was “thinking outside the box” since space is a topic I don’t usually contemplate

🌺 OWLS July Technology Blog Tour: What Does It Mean to Be a Hero?: I feel like OWLS posts are usually some of my favorites but I feel I have a special spot for this one for a couple of reasons. One, I finally wrote about an anime! It’s been about a year since I did so. And two, Tiger and Bunny is totally a boy’s love title fight me no wait don’t just accept it and it’s been more than a year since I last wrote about a BL title (altho the last one was full-on yaoi)

🌺 #ButterflyTour: I’m a Sucker For New Foods – Cooking with My Fate According to the Butterfly: I was actually surprised I wrote this post but I really enjoyed it! Basically, I talk about my experience cooking kare-kare, so if you like food why not check it out? (hint hint)

🌺 #BESummer19: Showing Off My Bookish Garden: I had fun writing this one because it was my first time creating a tag!! I was really excited when I pitched the idea but then I started to panic once I had to sit down and WRITE. How the heck do you create a tag?! I think I actually did better than I expected. The only problem is that I forgot to do the most important part of a tag…tag people! I’m such a failure!

🌺 [Clue Collab Day #3] Fan Favorite Froppy Found Frigid – Frau’s Alibi: This one never went live because of a timezone misunderstanding but I really did enjoy writing it. This was going to be part of Ayano’s CLUE collaboration, which I feel is one of the best collaboration ideas ever! I really enjoy interactive content and I’ve noticed that a lot of Ayano’s content is interactive. Follow the story starting here!

I also wrote more content like episodic impressions on a few shows for this summer anime season, but I think these up above were some of my better-written posts

I watched SO MUCH anime!


Perhaps it has something to do with all of the collaborations and just wanting to write something “new” but I ended up watching a lot of anime this month

🍃 Bahamut: Virign Soul: This is one of the series I decided to watch for Scott’s space tour and oh boy, Virgin Soul instantly jumped to one of my favorite series! I even added TWO new favorite girls to my list of waifus (which is severely lacking FYI). But then I realized that this is actually season two of this Bahamut world, so I went over to watch the prequel

🍃 Bahamut: Genesis: This show can be found on Funimation but Funi wouldn’t let me finish it! Apparently, I need to have a Prime subscription to watch the second half of the series…on the roku! I just figured out that the video plays on my desktop so I shall be finishing this up promptly!

🍃 Wolf’s Rain: I actually ended up deciding to rewatch this series because of the CLUE Collaboration and WOW. It’s been so many years since I last watched this one that it felt like I was watching it for the first time. I even guessed the main character’s name wrong! I was like you look like an Akira, but no, his name was Kiba. It’s definitely a great show but GOD I was so angry at the end!

🍃 Tiger and Bunny: I binged both seasons in ONE GO. I super enjoyed this show and I originally was going to watch it for Scott’s space collaboration but as soon as I finished episode one, I knew it would fit better with this month’s OWLS Technology theme! So I used it for that instead. If you’re a fan of No. 6 and YOI, you’d definitely enjoy this one (if you haven’t watched it yet, I know I’m Very Late in getting to this show!)

🍃 Arjuna: I don’t actually know if I’m going to finish this one in the next few days. After Wolf’s Rain, I thought I’d sit down and just continue going through my unwatched anime library and Arjuna is one where I LOVE the music but just never got around to watching. I did finish episode one (finally!) but I’ve been getting headaches recently so maybe I need to take a bit of a break

🍃 07 Ghost: Ok, this one isn’t technically an anime but I did reread 10 volumes of this beautiful series! It’s one of my favorites because of the art and the gay undertones. And well, I’m sure you can guess why I decided to reread. Even though I’ve reread this at least 2 times now (this being the 3rd), I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy it. Will be finishing it up once I get my library copies of the later volumes!

🍃 Surprise: I also watched one other anime series, which I can’t say anything on as of writing this post. You see, it’s for the August OWLS tour and since the new topic hasn’t been announced yet…well, can’t ruin the surprise. I’ll just say that it’s out of my normal genre and I really enjoyed it!!

August Plans?


Depending on where you live, August might be the signal to the end of summer, for others, it’s the yellow light right before the dreaded red. Here school starts in about two weeks and while I’ve already graduated, it’s the little one’s debut in high school! I’m actually really excited about it

I may be excited for both of us. He’s very…bleh about things like this. I usually am too but for some reason, when it comes to things that he’s going through, I get really excited. Is this what it feels like to be a second mother?!

🌟 There is a high chance you guys can find me on the OWLS YouTube channel this Thursday at 10am Pacific Time (aka TOMORROW), along with Jack! It’s for our latest tour roundup and it would be awesome if you guys could share the news, ask us questions, and possibly join? We’re always looking for new members who are passionate about being awesome~

🌟 Got to keep up with those registration dates! This Thursday is going to be pretty packed in terms of scheduling since that also happens to be the last day for my brother’s registration date. We missed the others because we moved and never got the letters to the new address

🌟 I will be posting for OWLS in early August!

🌟 I will be participating in two blog tours, but I don’t have them on hand right now. I believe they will all be scheduled sometime in early August so expect at least two posts on R@N for August

And these are really the only big plans I have. I’m actually going to take a break for two months. Since my first week of August is pretty jam-packed, expect me to be going quiet after this Sunday. I may still be dropping those episodic impressions since I’m actually enjoying writing those, but outside of OWLS, I may not be doing much “publically”

I’m still going to be writing some content since I did have some ideas for posts but I’m not sure when they’ll come out.

Likewise, I’m going to continue being MIA on Twitter. I thought it was going to be harder but with every day I don’t visit, it’s getting easier. So easy that sometimes I’ll just lose my phone and not worry about looking for it. That also means I have more time to do other things, which sucks on some days because what do I do? I’m not really the type to go out especially with this weather (tho it’s getting cooler, that’s a major plus!)

But I’m curious, how is everyone? Any major plans for August?


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