[Review] Season One of Who Made Me a Princess by Plutus, Illustrated by Spoon

I feel like a hypocrite but that’s okay. Earlier I wrote a post on harems and here I am, reading a potential reverse harem. Why do I say potential? Because I’m not 100% sure. It has the makings of one (lots of hot bishie babes and a girl in the center), but there’s also this whole other plot going on that overshadows this fact. I suppose I can let you all decide

The first time I stumbled upon Who Made Me a Princess was on Instagram. You know those sponsored posts where they’re like hey you might like this and yeah, I did. I instantly fell in love with the art, but I didn’t read it. As much as I read lots of BL webcomics, when it comes to heterosexual couples, I tend to ignore them. But then I went to my website of yaoi goodness and I kept seeing this title on the front page for weeks! It’s only natural I eventually caved, right? It also helped I’d gone through all my BL to-read titles but shhhh


Also, before I tell you guys what this webcomic is about, I’m walking into this thinking it’s an incest story. I mean, the cute blonde girl in papa’s lap? Plus, if you check out the first chapter she wants her papa to love her and his response is something like I’ve never seen you as my daughter, so you bet my forbidden romance senses started tingling! Unfortunately, I’ve yet to confirm if this is actually the case (ngl, I want it to be incest, I kinda ship them!!)

If it turns out to not be incest, well, you’re in for a very close relationship between these two

But I get it. Just LOOK. If he were “my dad” I’d be crushing on him too!! I’d also invite you to look at my Instagram if you want to see more pictures of his face. Mmm, this man is too gorgeous for this world…which I guess is why he doesn’t exist with us lowly mortals but uh…! COUGH, I digress


Before dying, “Athanasia” remembers reading a book by the name Lovely Princess. The story is about a princess who was outcasted by her father at her birth and sent to the Ruby Palace to be cared for by maids. At the age of 9, the princess meets her father by chance. At age 14, the princess, and all of the Empire, finds out she has a sister named Janette and whatever favor she had gained from the court and her father is redirected to her more charismatic and sweet sibling. At the age of 18, the princess is killed by her father. The name of this princess is also Athanasia so it’s only natural that “Athanasia” starts to plan her life with the purpose of living past 18 when she realizes she’s been reincarnated into this tragic story!

The first step is to avoid meeting her father when she turns 9! The second is that she starts sneaking jewels and gold from the Ruby Palace so that when she runs away, she will have some way to live properly.

Of course, this all goes down the drain when she accidentally meets her father four years in advance and he starts to take an interest in her. In order to avoid being killed on the spot, Athanasia decides that charming her father is the best way to stay alive. But how exactly do you charm a heartless man who killed everyone in the Ruby Palace the day she was born, and only spared her because he thought Athanasia’s naming was amusing?image

If you read that summary and didn’t instantly want to find out what happens OR saw the Emperor’s cold glare and didn’t want to see more, who exactly are you? An angel? A saint? Because I instantly saw both of these things actually just his face and fell in love. In fact, I binged this webcomic so quickly I was having withdrawal symptoms when it went on break for the second season (yes, webcomics have seasons)

I suppose my second favorite part of this webcomic (or third if we include the gorgeous art), is that while we “know” the story, we still don’t know what’s going to happen. For example, Athy knew she was going to meet her father when she turned 9 when she gets lost, but because she started sneaking away jewels from the Ruby Palace (and into a neighboring one), she “changed fate” and ended up hurrying their meeting

Likewise, even though the original story shows that she’s going to die at the age of 18 because her father and all the court prefer her sister Janette…is that really the case?


The first time we start seeing that perhaps fate is changing again is when Athy is coerced into singing her Papa a song to chase away the bad dreams. During this time, she also falls asleep and when the Emperor wakes up, he uses his magic to allow Athy to dream of her mother. This was actually pretty big because Claude had gotten rid of everything that depicted this woman and forbade anyone to ever talk about her

It seemed like the only relics this woman had existed resided in Claude’s memories and in Athy’s appearance

We also get to see even more of Claude finally opening up to Athy as she begins to grow up. It’s actually hilarious watching this because Athy’s plan seemed to have worked at 200% and Claude ends up being even scarier than a doting parent. Such are the wonders of being the Emperor. And my poor redheaded guard must suffer the consequences of his Emperor’s jealousy and possessiveness!


Even Lucas can see it!

If these two weren’t blood-related, I would have no problems calling a romance (although technically Athy isn’t Athy…oh man that’s complicated, is she really not? Or IS she regardless of her past life? I mean, she doesn’t really see him as her father, more like someone she has to please in order to not die and with recent events…HMM).

Speaking of romances, it almost seems like Athanasia is the only one who isn’t really interested in romance (even though she’s not completely oblivious to her charm). I guess she’s just too busy trying to save herself from execution to really worry about all her suitors right now.

As for who these suitors may be, I call Claude for wanting to keep her forever and away from guys (overprotective? or something else? hehe), Lucas for being so caring and indulging her in the simplicities of life (plus I love that he’s so particular about insulting her), and Ijekiel…that weirdo who is the “main love interest” in the storybook (not to her) and who also knows about Janette’s existence. As you can guess, I don’t really favor that guy. Plus, he’s a little too pure for my tastes. Also, I’d like to keep the redhead guard as my own, Felix is SO ADORABLE


She wanted him to agree that she was cute, LOL

Season one actually ends up at a very INTENSE cliffhanger that might give this story a whole new twist! I don’t want to spoil anything but so far this story has been really good! All the boys are super cute but I have to say my love is with Claude, second with Lucas, and last with prince charming Ijekiel (or rather No love!).

Ok all her suitors are kind of old with the exception of Ijekiel but I have a weird feeling about him. He seems to really like Athy but because he’s in on the Janette secret it’s like I just can’t like him? Like, you are about to ruin Athy’s patiently and carefully laid out life plan! And I feel even more dislike for Janette because she’s so “pure”. It’s very annoying…oh god, my true colors are showing through!

But if there’s one thing I really want to see in season two, it’s more about the inner workings of Claude. I just have this thought, possible prediction? about how he acts and the way his magic works, and I want to see if I’m right or if I’ve just been completely brainwashed by his beautiful face

Also, I think it’s pretty obvious but I actually really like Athy as a main character. She’s very rough around the edges, which I think is courtesy of her past life. While she tries to act very cute around Claude (especially in the early years), there’s something very “vulgar” about her that makes her refreshing. Not really what you’d expect of a princess but also she is

My Predictions for Season 2

love interest.jpeg

Even though there have been many moments of “fate changing” it hadn’t technically been changed. I feel like things have only been altered slightly. Instead of not meeting Claude, Athy ends up meeting him years in advance. Instead of Claude falling for Janette’s charm and leaving Athy hanging on her debutante party, he scorns Janette and orders her not to be a pest, but with the ending of season one, this might end up changing. Perhaps Claude’s love for Janette is only late in getting there

And if the major events of the storybook are bound to come true, then what does that mean for Athy’s now impending execution?


Good question!

Which makes me wonder, did Athy truly get killed in the original story? The story seems to be a fairytale type of book, which means there may be moments that weren’t fleshed out for the sake of keeping to the tone of a fairytale. Perhaps it was a doll that got “killed” instead of Athy since we now know that Lucas can create duplicates of her

Likewise, what does it mean for the Emperor to love Janette in the storybook? I mean, considering the type of guy Claude is. It seemed like the biggest selling point of Athanasia when she began to charm Claude was that she was a child, but now Janette is at debutante age. He seems less tolerable towards “adults” as we saw his reaction to Janette

What if with his sudden form of amnesia, Claude starts to lose his mind. There were a couple of scenes where Athy is dreaming of a “future” where Claude is living with Janette and he isn’t acting very sane. Perhaps the story is of Athy saving Claude from Janette? Or more specifically her uncle Alpheus, who seems to be interested in getting some sort of favor for having cared for Janette, Claude’s (technically) first heir

Or maybe I’m talking nonsense, but I can see Athy’s execution nearing with the events at the end of season one! Many people seem to be hoping that the whole amnesia thing doesn’t last for long but I can see it having an interesting twist (and welcome it)

love interest

It only took you 7 years

Have you guys read this webcomic? How are you liking it so far? How did you feel when season one ended?! And if you haven’t read it, has anything I said made you change your mind? I know the second season started updating again, which is awesome! I actually wanted to put this post out before jumping to what happens next because I really wanted to put out my thoughts for what I’m hoping to see, as a way to not be influenced by later content. Let’s see how good my guessing skills are (because deductive is at zero!)

p.s. I forgot to mention Athy’s magic. I wonder if it has something to do with being able to see the future (or whatever it was that she dreamt)

Let me know what you think!

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