The Odd Ones Are the Best Ones It Seems

Something I’ve come to learn while doing these single episode impressions (at least in my case) is that I tend to become pickier with every new thing we learn. If I were to binge Sacred Beasts, I feel like a lot of these complaints I have wouldn’t mean anything in the larger scheme of things. But when I write about the episodes separately, I make it seem like it was the worst thing I’ve watched and that’s not what I’m trying to say

It’s also surprisingly hard to figure out a title for the post when nothing grand has happened! I mean, there weren’t any anime physics I was too hung up about and no important new characters. Nope, not even this behemoth

sacred beasts 2

Technically, this episode was all about Arthur (the Behemoth), and yet his character was developed very sparingly. We learned what he looked at as a human as soon as the episode began and that he liked to draw. Then, while making some battle plans, Hank reveals that Arthur was never a soldier to complain, that he was a man of few words, and out of all the Incarnates, he seemed to still retain his humanity (well, aside from Hank but he’s the main so he doesn’t count)

It seemed like the problem in this episode wasn’t that Arthur was going around slaughtering people (on the contrary), but that he was kilometers away from destroying a symbol of peace, the bridge that connected the North and South. Nobody really sat down to think about WHY Arthur kept heading in this direction until Schaal planted the idea in their wolf brains

Also, I’m glad those train lackies got stomped on!

sacred beasts 1

why the HECK is he sitting over there?! even the conductor? was confused

I think it was this lack of communication that really bothered me. It’s only after speaking with Schaal (bless this child and also someone get her off that bridge!) that Hank gets an idea about how to stop Arthur. Or perhaps he wasn’t sure if he’d stop Arthur but I feel like he must have known the guy would calm down? I’m not sure, but he waited until the last second to have that last spot detonated revealing the treasure

It felt a little too dramatic

I guess (in a sense), this shows that even though some of the Incarnates can’t really transform back into their human selves, they can hold even more humanity than those who look human. Arthur only wanted to see the ocean and he spent (it sounds like) all his time after the war to get to his destination. He could have killed people, he could have felt anger and resentment like Hank does towards Cain, but he had simpler goals. He even kept going after getting such a serious injury!!

He was like Schaal’s father, not hurting people, only eating some cattle

sacred beasts 4.png

she’s falling for him, I can SENSE it

But what did you guys think about this episode? Considering the pattern I’m seeing, the next one might be more exciting. In the end, we also learned that Hank now has a clue about where Cain might be but the preview doesn’t show them meeting. We’re getting to the halfway point of this series so I hope something happens with those two before we reach episode 10…

Also, I’m trying to figure out what Cain can do, since he pretty much turned that lady into a ghoul or something. As far as I’ve heard, centaurs don’t have this ability? So unless he underwent another type of experiment and turned into a vampire, then I have no idea what’s going on

And even though there are tons of mythical beasts roaming the lands, vampire seems like the odd one out. Oh snap, I just realized that this would be your typical werewolf and vampire drama with a girl in the middle…

2 thoughts on “The Odd Ones Are the Best Ones It Seems

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