“Why Are Second Episodes Always -” “FOOL! You shouldn’t make assumptions.”

As I was saying, I feel I shouldn’t be surprised that second episodes don’t usually live up to the first episode. It wasn’t that it was bad or anything but this episode didn’t pack as much of an OOMPH as the first

Also, if you weren’t watching this episode and thinking FOOL, every time blondie had screentime, which was basically the whole episode, then I applaud you. Even now as I write this impression I can’t get Excalibur our of my head!! Also, did you catch bobobo-bo bo-bobo? GOD, that’s another character I wish I never remembered remembers dark anime past of crazy mustaches

And he’s just as flashy as in Soul Eater, I CAN’T

fire force5.png

I’m going to have nightmares with his voice

For this second episode, we got to meet Knight Scalibur, who is going to haunt me for days, as one of the new third-generation recruits. It looks like some sort of game/tournament for the new recruits is going to be happening soon so both of these third-generation pyros end up facing off Maki, who apparently doesn’t like to be called an ogre. And when she IS, well, hope you lived a fruitful life!

The second half of the episode gets a bit more somber and I think this is why I wasn’t really feeling it

fire force7.png

He would make a good main for a monster series

It seems like there’s another emergency that happens while these guys are having fun and when they go put out the Infernal, they find themselves with the guy just sitting at his kitchen table. It seems like the behavior is abnormal but they continue with their job. In a sense, we’re getting the flip side of the job. Yeah, it’s cool to be using your flames and you fight the evil Infernal, but it’s not always like that

Sometimes you gotta kill a non-aggressive and that’s when it hits you that you’re dispatching humans

The topic on religion was also talked about in this one a little. The whole idea that the public sees the Fire Division as saviors and that they have to give the people comfort is present. Even though the people turn into Infernals, they wish to keep that human memory of them in their hearts and the Fire Division should (morally) help keep this vision intact

fire force6.png

did I already say I ship this? FML gimme some fanfiction

But what do you guys think? I want to say I can’t wait for the next episode but I’m in no hurry. I feel like this episode really calmed me down

Even though we get that cliffhanger about the mysterious dude starting fires (possibly Infernals?), I’m not all that interested in finding out who they are. I just don’t really have a sense of direction for the series yet, and thinking back to how long and drawn out Soul Eater was, I’m slightly frightened

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