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Given Is So Gay I Can’t Function Properly

I told myself I wasn’t going to watch this because I vaguely remembered someone saying it was meh. I can’t even remember who it was at this point but I believed it considering how usual BL titles are treated… Then I told myself I was going to watch it, ya know, “just to check it out” and I even wrote it down so that I would write an impression on it. Then WHILE watching it, I told myself I couldn’t, that it was too much for me, No, I can’t possibly keep watching this incredibly gay show

And now I’m here, watching it for that very same reason


First off, who the heck sleeps with a guitar like that?!

Given is about two guys named Sato and Uenoyama who meet when Sato falls asleep by the stairs of the school gym while hugging his guitar. Uenoyama seems to not have any passions, declining any sort of get together with friends, preferring to just go nap the day away. Or at least it seems that way. Sato immediately bugs him with the way he’s treating his guitar, how rusted it is, and how it’s because of that treatment that the string ends up breaking! With just a puppy look sent his way, Uenoyama ends up fixing the string and tuning it, only to find himself at the receiving end of nonstop harassment

Sato wants him to teach him how to play the guitar and no matter how many times Uenoyama declines, Sato won’t give up. It gets to the point where Sato follows Uenoyama to one of his band sessions where his enamorment increases exponentially

After all, Uenoyama was so cool!


what can possibly be this glowing bribe down by his lap…

Sato is the first character that we end up meeting, and there was something really strange about a dream he keeps having. The dream seems to have some sort of importance and after rewatching those seconds SLOWLY, I feel like there’s suicide at play here. But I also am not 100% sure. It just seems like he was looking up at someone with a horrified look and I instantly thought hanging.Β I was going to start screaming over why someone who knows nothing about playing the guitar and who doesn’t look like he’s planning to go somewhere to learn, always carries one around. And he hugs it like a baby. Then I thought, maybe it belonged to the person who died? That seems plausible, right? That would be why it holds such importance?

He’s also very “in the clouds” and I’m not sure how to feel about it


Contrary to his looks, he likes to be a little rough ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

But then we have moments like this where he’ll suddenly fill up with some sort of life energy. I mean, I thought he was a meek little bottom but he just randomly manhandled his top! Even Uenoyama is surprised

Speaking of Uenoyama, he also seems to be a little “in the clouds” but in a different way. It seems he’s not the type to relate with others and prefers to nap away his days at school (outside of classes I assume). But when it comes to the guitar, it’s like he becomes a more passionate person. Also, this guy has a praise kink OMG. That moment where he’s like praise me! And I’m here dying because…is Uenoyama a bottom? Oh god, I can see it!! It’s like, during daytime public hours he acts like a top but when it’s time for the yaoi he gets all worship and praise meΒ and Sato is like ohohoho *dead*



Not only could I smell the yaoi from a mile away but also the sports anime vibe. Is being a band a sport? Because I totally saw a girl looking at Uenoyama and she had manager potential. Perhaps she’s going to also approach Uenoyama about the band thing and they’re going to be working together and Sato will be the lead singer (was that him in the opening song?) and just, happy boys being gay??

Uenoyama mentioned that he’s lost that spark of excitement when he plays but seeing his face here you’d call him a liar (yes I am calling him a liar). Perhaps it goes hand in hand with the whole praise thing. He feels appreciated by Sato’s undivided attention, which seemed was something he lost. He didn’t go into too much detail with what happened as he was learning guitar but it looked like the other guys got jealous of him because he was taking everything so seriously (vs. it being a hobby)?

Yes, Sato! Keep thinking Uenoyama is cool and handsome, give him some praise!


When you’re not getting your daily dose of praise #zombie

Did anyone get any Loveless vibes from this show? I feel like I don’t know many characters named Ritsuka and Yayoi, but those are indeed the names of the Uenoyama children! I doubt this means anything, but it’s just something I couldn’t help keep thinking about while watching this

Oh hey, I didn’t even talk about the other bandmates! Aside from Uenoyama and Sato, we have Kaji, who plays the drums, and Haruki-san who plays the bass guitar. Both of them also have gay potential. I feel like I’ve seen a couple of Haruki’s behind bars hitting on patrons and Kaji reminds me of that Noise guy from the yaoi game (since they’re both blonde and have piercings)

We haven’t really learned much about them aside from Kaji being Yayoi’s boyfriend (but they are fighting now?), and that they’re both really fun!


this was probably the gayest line this episode

But what did you guys think? Will you be continuing? I’m probably going to check out a few more episodes before I decide how I feel. For a first episode “not enough happened”, except it did. We learned about both our main characters, about their backstory, where they are now, what Sato wants, and the music gave me shivers. Since it’s a boy’s love title, I assume the two main characters are going to get together and the usual drama of relationships will ensue. The pacing is very slice of life with many embarrassing gay feels and moments of laughter

This series also makes me want to bust out my own guitar, except I don’t have an Uenoyama to check my strings and tune it for me. That thing has been in storage for years! Also, mine is an acoustic

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