Fire Force Is Where My Next Husband Shall Arise From

I meant to watch this one sooner, like the day the first episode came out, but alas, fate is cruel. haha. Anywho, I decided to skip on Dr. Stone because I watched the preview and it just seemed…dumb to me?

I just couldn’t entirely get into the animation, yet there was something attractive about it. I thought I would give it a chance…until the girl showed up. Plus, the humor wasn’t my taste. As I recall someone saying, one is brains, one is brawn. But the most important aspect, the REAL reason I decided to skip that show – neither of the boys were cute

Good thing Fire Force doesn’t have this issue. In fact, it has ALL THE CUTE BOYS. Especially Shinra who is my favorite. I mean, look at that scowl! I love a character that can gimme a nice cute scowl

fire force.png

I love a good scowl!! Ahh, the broody ones are my favorite!

It looks like Fire Force is going to be your typical shounen series, which is perhaps why I’m going to love it. We have Shinra Kusakabe, who has always wanted to be a hero. As a kid he used to tell his mother that he would use his power to protect her and his baby brother from the deadly Infernals – random humans who would suddenly combust – but before any of that could happen, a fire broke out at his home and he was blamed for their deaths. After all, what could they expect of a third-generation pyrokinetic at his age? Shinra losing control seemed to be the only explanation they could think of

Luckily for my child, this didn’t deter him. In fact, it only fueled his desire to become a hero and this soon manifested in him joining the Special Fire Force Company

fire force4.png


I feel like there isn’t much to say about the series you just gotta experience it. The animation is beautiful, though at some points the CG is glaringly obvious, and I LOVE the droopy eyes. And sharp teeth. And crazy looking grins! And did you guys know I’d totally be a pyro if I could have any elemental power? I’ve always loved fire so it’s beautiful that Shinra can use flames!

The first episode seemed to cover all bases. We learn about the world, we meet the new character and see his tragic backstory, along with his life goals of being a hero, and we get to see some hot steamy action

Oh, and those two girls are definitely going out. Nobody will convince me that they aren’t girlfriends!!

fire force4.png

oh my, the new fire departments are quite a site!

I guess one thing that I found to be interesting is the use of a holy people in the fire force. In Company 8 they have a Sister but I’m going to take a guess this position isn’t dictated by gender (though it’s often a Sister now that I think about it). Also, religion is supposed to be this ancient lore but it looks like the Infernals, which don’t seem to be an ancient civilization phenomenon, also have the stories embedded in the stained glass you can find in churches. Even their home base is structured like a church and I find this crossover with religion interesting.

Especially as someone who is agnostic. I just always find it fascinating that people always turn to religion for just about anything

If a prayer isn’t said before an Infernal is killed, then is the act evil? Does the soul not rest? Does this crossover mean that the Special Fire Force is up there with other religious figures? Do their words hold that much weight? Mmm, I’m not even sure where I’m going with this

fire force2

I think he stole someone’s clothes…lol!

But what did you guys think so far? I know I’m definitely going to continue watching this! Not really sure what the direction is but I just like the animation, I think Shinra is adorable, and it’s funny

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