Weekly Reads #4

I’m currently having a dilemma that I can’t stop thinking about, and because of this I decided to take a break from blogging – minus the stuff I already promised to do – and it’s crazy, but it’s like just saying it took a load off my back. I somehow wrote up more posts in one day than I did in the whole month of July this Friday!

Ok, maybe it had to do with those engagements but please, I’m trying to revel in the afterglow of my accomplishments

I still haven’t exactly resolved the problem that was causing me so much stress but it’s coming along. And so are those blog posts. At least on the anime side


But enough about me, this post is about the blogosphere! There are quite a few “events” happening right now so I’ve decided to split up the posts in that fashion


I’m currently watching (and surprisingly up-to-date) with Sacred Beasts and Fire Force so I will be limiting the shares to people who are also talking about these two shows


Sacred Beasts

It looks like the majority of the posts mention that there’s an OOMPH missing to Sacred Beats and I have to agree. Still, I’ll be following along at my own pace

fire force2

Fire Force

  • First Impressions: Fire Force by Marth: YES TO EVERYTHING. I really super loved the first episode. I think I was on second 5 and I knew the animation was going to be amazing and yes, I got emotional
  • Fire Force Episode 2 by Matt Doyle: It’s nice to see a more positive vibe of the second episode. I actually didn’t find it as interesting, especially with how epic the first one was! But Matt has a point. We really got to meet more of the characters and we learn a bit more about the Infernals
  • Fire Force Episode One Reaction by Jack: Like usual, Jack is quick and to the point. I have to wonder if I’ll find someone who doesn’t like this series. So far it’s been getting some good feedback!
  • Fire Force – Ep. 1 (First Impressions) by Xenodude: Ok, my goal with this was to not double count a reviewer but just…!! I had to! I hadn’t realized that this show was going to be this long! Following a 12-episode series is already tough on the enjoyment level (with me) so I’m not sure how this is going to affect things like pacing (as I feared)
  • Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) First Impression / Episode 1 Review by 7Mononoke: If you want to read something a bit more levelheaded and less OMG THIS IS AMAZING, then this post is for you! Also, I love that everyone is pulling out the fire puns in their posts. Yes, I’m cackling
  • Fire Force Episode 1 – Fire Demons? by Claddily: Oh nice! I’m glad I stumbled upon this one. I think this is the first post I’ve read that talks a bit about the church and firefighter relationship

While I love this show, I’m also feeling a bit tense about it, especially after hearing it’s going to be a long one. It’s like I’m glad because then there’s going to be some nice and proper development, but also…do we need so many episodes? I guess we’ll find out eventually



If you haven’t checked these posts out…you should! They’re more discussion and analysis type posts and relate to the theme of technology

There are still more posts to come. Just follow along on the OWLS blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram


ICYMI, this event is being run by Clo and Sam. Basically, for the month of July there is a group of book bloggers who have created daily post ideas that the bookish community can replicate. These types of posts are mainly discussions or tags, and what do ya know, I’m one of those hosts. Actually, it’s my turn on Monday!!

I’m so nervous because I feel like my post ideas suck but also I haven’t really written anything for this event, courtesy of my blogging mood being down

Here is the spreadsheet with the posts from the participants!



Honestly, not much. It’s been a rough month filled with stress, nervousness, and not enough me-time. Not that I know what that would entail, lol!

Tidyathon: I’ve mainly been working on my Goodreads account. I need to double-check but I think I have all the reviews for my novels up-to-date. Last night I was also adding some of my manga backlog, which leaves me at 53/350 manga titles read (I still need to add like 12 more titles, the plan is to have the rest of them added by the next weekly reads). I haven’t worked on any of my other goals…which I can’t remember what they are anymore! Whoops

Reading: For my novel goal this year, I realistically estimated about 25 books read, and this was me anticipating I’d try to read at least 5 books in December. But I’m proud to say that by the end of this month, I will have finished my Goodreads goal!! I have to thank all the blog tours I’ve participated in, otherwise, I wouldn’t have finished. My next goal is 50

Social Media: I tried to go on a social media break before but it didn’t really work out. I just felt like a druggie, coming back to the chaos, but somehow it worked this time! Even though I wasn’t trying to leave… My frequency on Twitter greatly diminished, which means I’ve been out of the loop with news and others in the blogosphere. I actually only heard about KyoAni because of OWLS. I try not to open Discord unless I HAVE to and I’ve muted other sites I feel that stress me out

And I’ve decided I’m going to ride this SM ban for as long as I can, but this doesn’t mean I’m completely offline. You can find me on Instagram and Goodreads, mainly because they’re sites I need for the blog tours I’m participating in

It’s been rather refreshing



I’m so happy to say that there will be a couple collabs coming your way! One of them has already been announced over at Scott’s blog (Space is the Place Blog Tour) and the other is still under wraps but will be AMAZING

I also invite you all to my personal Instagram for some yummy food pictures! I will be cooking something new tomorrow morning. I won’t say too much about it since it’s a surprise inspired by an upcoming blog tour

Welp, that’s all for now. What have you guys been up to?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #4

  1. Nice round up of posts! I have so far really been enjoying Fire Force, but you are right, it’s going to be a long show, so curious if it’s going to keep it’s momentum 😅😊Hopefully the upcoming month will be less stressful for you: take care! 😊

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