Maybe He Just Wanted the Girlfriend?

It looks like by the time I finally sat down to watch this the third episode was already out so here’s another one for ya!

In the last episode, we saw that Schaal invited herself to be Hank’s travel companion, and I mainly talked about how sad I was with the animation. Well, in this episode it got better! Perhaps not Attack on Titan spot on but I felt it’s on par with the first episode again! I would say that now I can concentrate on other pressing manners but did you guys see Liza??


( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

Look, I’m once more puzzled by the physics and workings in general of anime. One, HOW THE HECK does her shirt work?! And two, how is it that we have yet to see a nipple? This is serious talk. She’s wearing a white blouse, has no bra, and the front is practically open for all to take a peek (which I gladly did). Plus, I’m sure it gets cold at night. Nipples should appear when you get cold right? And shirts like this should get blown away with so much wind, right?

I guess she tucked it in really good

Speaking of things that don’t make sense in anime: pants, underwear, changes of clothing, body odor, and periods


Don’t worry Schaal, your boobs aren’t huge but you’re still Best Girl

I am also confused as to why nobody has told Schaal anything about the Incarnates. I know they just started traveling together and Hank doesn’t seem like the talkative type, especially after Elaine did that, but Liza? Someone? I feel like if it’s okay for her to be present during Incarnate fights (and following Hank), then maybe she deserves an explanation? Actually, scratch that. Because her father was an Incarnate

But I did like that in this episode she’s starting to learn some more. While with Danny she put herself in the middle of the fight, she seemed to realize in this episode that Hank isn’t going around just killing his ex-comrades because he wants to. She even wonders at her father’s final words. And considering the village was already treating him like cattle, I’m glad he met his end semi-soon. I don’t actually know how long he wore that bell for before Hank made it to the orphanage

Wow, I haven’t even said what this episode was about. But I think I’m doing a pretty decent job explaining. The waifu wars?


I just realized she looks scarily like Elaine…

Oh god, guys. I ship it, I SHIP IT. A young girl walks into a room with a shirtless ripped wolf-boy? MMM, sounds like the beginnings of a smutty fanfiction story. Too bad I’m not into ripped guys. Oh, but he was really cute in episode one so hopefully with time his soft chubby looking side comes out

Also, who facepalmed when he’s like “did I say something” and I’m here like you screamed her name with your eyes open or did you mean say something ELSE?!?!


That look, ahhhh! I see my romance trope in the making

And that moment when Schaal bumps into Hank and then scurries away and then this part when she almost gets SAWED. Oh my goodness, I’m getting emotional *wipes tears*

Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself

The rest of the episode is pretty much a battle with the Minotaur Incarnate who believes there are enemies trying to get to him so he builds a huge fortress. Which is where we got this cute scene with Schaal and Hank. This is also where Schaal finds out that Hank is a werewolf and I pretty much have the same question as her. Sort of. All of the other Incarnates are somewhere in the mid-transformation process but not Hank, why?


ooph! Now I feel dumb for asking why he had white hair DUH

I was thinking that maybe it could be the stress of the whole situation. Perhaps having to kill the other Incarnates, the shot he got, and the betrayal he faced was too much for him so he pulled a Kaneki Ken on us. Then I thought that maybe it was the shot Elaine gave him? What if it wasn’t a fatal dose? And it’s somehow inhibiting his transformation? Sort of like an accidental “cure”?

Or maybe I’m talking nonsense

But what did you guys think? I know I said I probably was only going to continue because why not, but I really enjoyed this episode. Plus, the ending leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger that I want to know more about

Oh, I didn’t talk about the opening again! I just thought it looked like someone got ahold of Elaine’s research and might be making a new army? Or ya know, something like that

4 thoughts on “Maybe He Just Wanted the Girlfriend?

  1. “Nipples should appear when you get cold right? And shirts like this should get blown away with so much wind, right?”

    Her super power is Nipple Restraint. It’s the only explanation I can come up with. Talk about an impractical uniform…

    “What if it wasn’t a fatal dose? And it’s somehow inhibiting his transformation? Sort of like an accidental “cure”?”

    That’s a cool idea! It _does_ explain why Hank isn’t gradually sliding into insanity.

    Unless he is, and he just fights it better…

    I like your idea better.

    Schaal as best girl? Was there ever any doubt?

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