I Don’t Want to Say I’m Losing Interest But…

But it looks like I might be. Whoop, I finally sat down to watch this and I’m getting Pandora Hearts flashbacks. Did anyone watch the anime? Yeah, me neither but the manga is so pretty!

I was hoping that this episode would pick up from the first and we would get to see Hank hunting the rest of the Incarnates and just him being a badass. Unfortunately, that’s not what we get, even when he does show up. What we do get in this episode though is Schaal and a bit of her and her father’s background (her dad’s the dragon Incarnate). We learn that her father and she ran an orphanage but because of the war (and therefore low supplies), her father agrees to join the war. As we come to see, this was a motivator for a few of our Incarnate soldiers


she’s so pretty here and look at her eyes! 

I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy seeing Schaal and her background, especially since she’s a pretty major character, but it was just painful to watch. I know animation is hard, takes a lot of work, and the turnaround with these is fast, but I’m going to shout it – it was bad! There were moments where it was just so pretty (cue above image) and then there were moments where…well, what can I say, I’m a bit picky with what I enjoy


I guess it’s fine as long as you get what’s happening

Also, was I the only one who couldn’t look away from Schaal’s hair? I guess yeah it’s pretty but it’s just so sleek and I’m not sure how her bangs work… (also, why am I making the connection of her hair and Hank’s wolf hair?!). And the movements in this series are also very…blocky? Unsmooth? Nonexistent? Sorry, after you watch Sirius the Jaeger, it’s hard not to want quality animation like that!

As you can see, this is where my concentration was at while watching this episode…if only it had been up to snuff to the first episode I wouldn’t complain. But it looks like the quality dropped


I would believe if someone said this was his wife…

On the bright side…actually, not a lot happened in this episode. Hank and Schaal finally met but it was towards the end so there wasn’t MUCH interaction. I felt like the fight between Hank and Danny was very quick so I couldn’t even revel in the violence

One thing that did catch my interest, though, was that Will said he had a special ability and that’s why he was called to join the army. I want to know what he meant by that. I figured the Incarnates were just semi-random soldiers that were chosen to undergo some experiment during the battle, considering the narration in episode one said that the North thought up this plan because they kept losing. But then how would Will have had a “special ability” if he hadn’t been part of the war yet?


I had to screenshot this ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

But what did you guys think? Are you still liking it? Are you going to continue? I feel like I might, just because I’m curious as to where it’ll go. And I may want to just pick up the manga because at least there the art is to my liking plus it’s easier to get to the juicy bits


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