Weekly Reads #3

Hey guys, welcome back to the third weekly reads post! It’s actually very late in the making but ah…it’s been quite a few weeks.



Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e First Impressions (1): War is still tough by Marth: I decided not to comment on this post because I’m afraid to post any spoilers. I don’t know how the anime is going to be adapting the manga but since I did read part of it, I’m hesitant. But Marth does make some good questions, especially since I just found out that the manga is ongoing. Where exactly is it going? I just saw episode two is out, gahhh thank you my reader now I gotta go watch it!

Know What Blogging Is All About Really? Excitement!! by Lita: Lita talks about blogging and I have to agree. I learned pretty early on that scheduling wasn’t for me and while I still am not a huge fan of it, I still try to keep some consistency? I mean, I don’t want to accidentally fall out of the blogging world (altho sometimes this does sound appealing HMM) but I also don’t want to overpressure myself. I think it’s about finding a balance but also just having fun!

Ending With a Rating – Yay or Nay? by Aria: Oh! This is an interesting post. I feel like ratings keep popping up and I once had the idea to also write my own post for it but discarded it (who wants to know little lone me’s opinion anyway), but reading Aria’s post makes me want to respond, lol

My 300th Blog Post Waifu Battle Extravaganza! by KawaiiPaperPandas: This is a fun one! Voting has (unfortunately) ended already and my waifu didn’t win. But it’s all good, she’s a winner in my heart 😉

Anime Childhood Crushes: Did it Last? by Annie: Oh man, this one was a nostalgic read, since it made me think about some of my old husbands. I feel like for some, I still love them, and for others, I’ve maybe changed sides. I mean, I used to love Inuyasha and now I’d rather be wrapped in the poison claws of Sesshomaru!

Why Aren’t There More Short Anime? by Irina: I always considered 12 episode anime to be short anime so I wasn’t really sure what I’d see in this post. And well, I don’t know anything about the whole animation industry, but I do know a little bit about construction jobs and I think all of what Irina said is pretty accurate. Sadly, that means short stories are completely ignored by anime-only viewers

What Counts as Older Anime? by Scott: A really interesting post! I’ve never actually sat down to wonder about splitting up anime. I feel like if it’s “old” then it depends on age/how long ago it was created. So Eva would be old since it’s a 90s anime and MP100 would be new because it resides in the 2010+s. But if we’re talking about impact, then I think it has less to do with an anime being “old” (as in age), and more on what it introduces and if it changes the animation scene. Oh god, now I want to write a post about this! lol

Mid-Morning Musings: Finding Comfort in Courageous First Steps, Good Food, & YouTube by Neha: I think these little updates are great! It’s always nice to see something personalized by fellow bloggers so if you want more, let Neha know! Also, bears in video games are terrible. They always kill me sigh

Flower Hike by Fred: Oh man, I’ve never been hiking before but this looks great!!



Oh man. It’s been SO HOT lately and that’s been zapping my energy. They say that sun vitamins are supposed to give you energy but I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite for me. I get super lethargic when it’s hot and it’s only worse with the 100F humid weather we’ve been getting lately. I guess it’s because I’ve gotten accustomed to having an AC that I feel it’s this bad?…although our AC has been pretty out of it since last year and we can’t seem to fix it properly. I could really do with winter weather right about now! And it’s because of this that I’ve just had no energy to do anything, including blogging. Well, aside from what I feel I Have to. I try to keep up with those

Although another reason is that I lost my “blogging area” (aka. the kitchen table). With the heat, my parents (especially my dad) have camped out in our living room, which means I can’t be there or the kitchen after hours. It’s been a very sad ordeal for this nocturnal dragon



So this is still going on and I’m slowly making progress. I took a day to arrange my manga that was sitting by my window, so they all have proper homes on my shelves now. Then recently I decided to rearrange my room slightly. I ended up moving two of my shelves around and I’m liking the space this gives to half my room. I still haven’t finished up completely, since I accidentally hurt my back. It looks like my back didn’t like the fact I carried these shelves across the room. I forgot how painful it could be but hopefully, all’s good soon so I can finish up with the redecorating

It makes it a little harder to stay in one position for too long but I’m sure a few days will see me back without back pains



If you hadn’t noticed, well, it’s out in the world now. I’ve decided to change the look of the blog a bit, the name is a bit more generic, and I would like to let you guys know I’ve been rebaptized. For personal reasons, I’ve decided to change things around. Please do not refer to me as lisette anymore. Crimson is fine but I will now be blogging under the name of dash (will be introducing myself as dash to new people) and my pronouns will be exclusively they/them to the blogosphere. I’m not the type to be correcting people so thank you if you make this transition for me and apologies for this being kinda sudden

I’ll actually be talking more about this over at R@N during the next few weeks and/or months. You know, when I get around to writing

With these changes, I’ve also decided to up the rating of this blog. While I’m still hesitant to show full on yaoi sex scenes on here, I will admit that things will be a little more “Adult”. I’ve always tried to censor myself a bit when it comes to those things but please don’t be too alarmed if you see something a little on the raunchy side floating through my sidebar, as that is where my twitter TL is housed. Likewise, I’m not a huge fan of going to a blog post without knowing it contains something raunchy so I will try to keep things suggestive OR I’ll mention it at the beginning of the post

And if you don’t want to see any of this content, I’m sorry to see you leave

There are a few more updates I’d like to share but those can wait. For the time being, I’ll let yall go. Let me know what’s been going on with you



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