What Do You Mean To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Has An Anime?!

Oh, you guys have no idea the doki doki feel I had when I saw that this was going to get an anime!! As a fan of the few volumes of the manga that I read, I’m both excited and hesitant about this series. Well, I guess that’s to be expected of all adaptations, hehe

Also, it’s not my intention to follow any anime this season but I’m also bored and the blog could use some content COUGH. Like usual, this post is going to have spoilers!


i would meddle in the dark arts too if i had the knowledge

In a country named Patria, a new form of energy called Somnium is discovered and due to a conflict of interests, the country is split between the North and South. As the war begins, the North finds themselves at a heavy disadvantage in numbers, causing their military to take heavy losses. To remedy this problem, they create a special division of superhuman soldiers called Incarnates. Through new technology involving DNA modification, soldiers are now more chimera than human, and are expected to use their natural beasts’ capabilities to fight for their country. However, as the war rages on, the military and fellow Incarnate soldiers begin to notice that the beasts in their DNA are beginning to take over

Incident after incident follows of an Incarnate losing their humanity, and each time it happens, a fellow Incarnate kills them as a way to free their souls


he’s so cute in this screenshot hehe

And of course, the story’s main character is this enthusiastic wolfman named Hank Henriette. He is also the Major of the Incarnate division, and it’s clear to see that while many of his soldiers respect him, they’re more interested in his love life, specifically, when he’ll be getting together with Dr. Elaine, the scientist who created the Incarnate!

Along with these two, we also meet Caine, a childhood friend of Hank and Elaine. Aside from this (and his later betrayal), we don’t know too much about him, which makes his character feel a tad hollow and uninteresting (to me)


she’s so pretty!! hello, my sea maiden harpie lady! 

I was actually impressed with this episode and how they went about starting things. Since we got to see the beginning of the Incarnate, I was afraid that we would be spending too much time on background information, but things moved along really well. We got to see the different (gorgeous) designs of each of our Incarnates, their powers, and as time passes, how the beasts begin to alter the human appearances. By the end of it all, we also get a glimpse of what the rest of the series will revolve around and I’m excited to see more

Or rather, I’m excited for when Schaal will be introduced!

I guess my only complaint is that Hank is purple. WHY. Why is he purple?! Also, wouldn’t that mean that his hair would turn purple? Why is it white? Has flashbacks to all the white-haired boys who didn’t make it


purple wolf and pony

Also, I would like to drop my ship. I loved the interaction in the book with Hank and Schaal and I’m hoping to love it here too! Elaine? Pfff. She wasn’t even all that pretty. And OK, maybe she had good intentions but my ship comes first!

But what did you guys think? Is this anime on your radar? Are you going to keep watching it?

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