#BESummer19 and Tidyathon Have Begun!

It’s here!! I was so excited to join this summer event and being PREPARED that I may have started writing my July posts eons ago…and I found all these great Cells at Work gifs! You guys have no idea the urge I had to go watch this series. Also, I may ship this brown boy with the maniac I’m using as my header image. They’re just…so cute?! Oh man, but there was a blonde dude too!

take that.gif

EHERM, ok, I’m going way off track! This is actually my “signup” post. Technically, as one of the hosts for this month, I don’t need to sign up but since I was going to post a couple of #BESummer19 inspired posts here on My Fujoshi Life, I thought I’d make things official. Along with the main event, though, I’ve also decided to participate in this month’s Tidyathon!

I tried it out last time (Spring) but I didn’t really get much done AND I didn’t update you guys on my progress. I’d like to change that this time around, which actually works really well with the semi-newly re-introduced weekly updates!

But if you’re new to this event and are wondering what the heck it is…Bookending Summer is a month-long event being hosted by Clo and Sam. Every day for July there will be a variety of writing prompts for bloggers to talk about (done by different hosts!). Now, technically, these posts (and event) are geared towards book bloggers and the book community but seeing as manga and webcomics are also books, COUGH, I thought I’d participate! The majority of my posts will be found over at Read at Night, but since some of this month’s prompts fit with topics I wanted to talk about here on the blog, I thought, why not?

Actually, these are the posts I’d like to cover:

  • Characters that are summer personified: Was I the only one who instantly thought of Haikyuu and Hinata?!
  • 10 Cities/Worlds I want to visit: Ohhhh, this is gonna be fun~
  • Create a TBR Pile Based on A Summer Word: I actually have quite a few manga I’d like to read this summer
  • Top 5 OTPs: As soon as I saw this one I KNEW I had to post something! Get ready to scream about my lovelies!!

I’ve already tentatively scheduled them. By this, I mean that I know when they’ll be up on the blog, but because one of the rules of this event is that you have to post AFTER the prompt maker…well, I have to make sure I don’t accidentally post before them!

Also, as an FYI, this might be the last time I do this event. It’s just tougher to keep up with it than I originally thought, especially with my uprooting later this year! Plus I don’t read a lot so I find it a challenge to do a lot of these prompts

But who knows! Maybe temptation will win and you’ll see me participating in the winter as well…

Tidyathon Goals


For this month’s Tidyathon I’d like to

  • Clean up my Goodreads. This means cleaning up my shelves, tags for each books, and adding any missing reviews. I would like to fix at least my 2019 entries and if I can get through some for 2018, that will be a bonus!
  • Clean up my room. Not just sweep and mop type of cleaning. I want to rearrange my furniture (aka. bookshelves) and make sure all my books are in the right place. Which they aren’t. I have a stack of books just hanging out by my window
  • Write blog posts I’ve been meaning to write. I have two discussions I’ve been meaning to write for RAN that will go up during July, but I also have a ton of drafts here on MFL that I’ve been procrastinating on! If I can get at least 5 completed and scheduled, I will count that as a win
  • Work on November schedule. So early!! But I want to participate in NaBloPoMo and since my IRL schedule is up in the air right now for November, I’d like to help future me out! I’ll have more news on whether I succeeded or failed later this summer~
  • Update my Masterpost pages. I think it’s been forever since I last updated my anime and manga pages so uh, I should probably work on that!

I feel like if I really put my mind on it, I could finish all of this in a few days, a week max, but considering it’s been on my to-do list for months…it’s going to be a challenge!

Is anyone else participating? Sign-ups are actually still open! (Signing up is basically just a way to say you’re a) participating and b) submit your links so others can visit your blog during this time!)

What are some of your goals this month? Let me know!


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