#BESummer19: 5 Stories That Made Me Cry Angry Tears!

This post contains spoilers

When you hear the word angry, chances are you might think about someone who is red in the face and is punching a wall. Possibly the feelings of loathing and frustration come to mind. Maybe we might even blow something up. Well, I’ve come to say that yes, that is what I’m like when I’m angry. The nice thing is that I haven’t made a hole in my wall in at least a year, so that’s got to count for something, right?

But there are other ways one can be angry. Especially a fujoshi. Ever heard late night howling and wondered where the heck it came from? Chances are it was me. Why was I screaming? Well…



I only recently read this manga and you know what, everyone is right. This is an excellent read, but also it made me SO ANGRY that I cried until I became hoarse. I just hated the fact that Suwa had to renounce his love for Naho. Like, I get it. He saw that Naho and Kakeru liked each other and he hadn’t gotten any attention in all the time he liked Naho but just…WHY

Why did he have to give up in order for them to be happy, for Kakeru to be happy? No I don’t really like Kakeru let my ship sail. Even in the “future” Kakeru still seems to haunt his relationship with Naho. My son!! Maybe I’m just naturally selfish but I found the ending for this series not to my liking *gently punches book*. And I know that the author explained the “future” as just one of the many parallel universes, that Suwa *technically* didn’t lose that future with Naho but it also felt like he did. I don’t want to be salty about this because Takano does such an excellent job with very sensitive topics, but just, out of everyone, Suwa lost the most (that’s how I saw it)

Also, I applaud him for being able to be “just friends”. I’ve found it to be extremely hard *sigh*



If you didn’t see the problematic content coming, I’m not sure what to think. Ok, so this webcomic has all types of super dark, manipulative, and abusive relationships but the one I despise the most is the one with this blondie and Dong-Hyuk because that mofo is just as abusive as our antagonist Yule but blondie here thinks he’s a “nice guy”?! SCREAMS

After the last chapter, when Yule gets taken away, Dong-Hyuk and Kyung-Soo meet up and Kyung-Soo starts crying because he believes it’s his fault that Dong-Hyuk’s life has been a mess. Like please my son!! You had a sh*t life with all those bishus that you got mixed up with, it’s not your fault!! Also, I GET why he hates Yule, the heartbreak he made him go through, the SUFFERING (rape and more), but if he’s going to end up with an a-hole one way or another, I’d prefer the true a-hole Yule instead of the ‘I’m so cute and pure and honestly love you but manipulate your guilt’ a-hole. Don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me *falls off stage*!!

Ok, my reasoning is that Yule has gone through so much with Kyung-Soo that he’s come to realize that a) he likes Kyung-Soo and that b) he’s now legit terrified of losing the guy. I mean, did you guys see that side story 3 where he pretty much panics at the sight of Kyung-Soo with a knife in his hand, and then he tries to feed him only to get everything wrong. They don’t know shenanigans about each other (well, Yule more so about Kyung-Soo), but Yule is trying (whereas I feel like Dong-Hyuk won’t change because Kyung-Soo thinks he’s an angel)

I can’t be sure I’d ever be able to trust Yule but if this webcomic is going to end in tragedy, I’d choose him as my poison



You know what, I’m going to be really petty here and add this title, which I didn’t finish and won’t ever finish because just looking at it makes me want to bite this book aggressively. Why? This was a book I had to buy for one of my classes and it still makes me so upset that I had to buy this book at double the price at my school’s bookstore. School bookstores suck butt!!

I saw this book in my book pile the other day and just had to leave my room and take a few deep breaths. Don’t destroy, it will hurt more!



This is a webcomic I haven’t talked about on the blog yet and I’m actually not sure if I ever will. It’s been a while since I read it and I’m not sure if I could properly review it. And it’s also a series that brings tears to my eyes! This is actually a prime example of a story where the BL undertones are present, it’s tagged shounen-ai, and yet it never goes anywhere!!!

The story is basically about Kim Manseok who loves to wear heels and he even manages a heels blog with a “female alias”. One day he falls in love with a pair of heels and tries them on (without permission), only to have his identity exposed by shoe designer Chase Oh! From there Chase pretty much makes Manseok be his muse and just, THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE HEELS. I also love to look at heels so it was really nice to have a character like this and a comic that was actually pretty informative!

But gosh darn it if my soul cries over the fact that these two aren’t bi-souls! Or if they are it didn’t go anywhere #aaaauuuuuu And they’re both jerks so they’re perfect for each other?! Unfortunately, there are many of these types of stories but I decided to go with this one for this post!



Considering all the problematic content that I consume, you would think I wouldn’t be standing here pointing my finger at this series but…Imma do it.

I feel like I invested so much time to this series, loved it so much, thought the art got super confusing down the line but that Kaneki’s story was going to get me through it all. And then Touka happened. No, I never liked her and I liked her EVEN LESS during the :re manga! I hate her with such a passion that I ended up dropping this story and I probably won’t ever know what happened to my tragedy filled son. All because she *clenches fist*

I don’t understand people or the tsundere character in situations like this. It can be cute and funny in shows like (let’s say) Toradora but in here I just could Not tolerate it. Like, Kaneki has gone through so much and is still not living for himself and there you are all “cute” and being abusive and coercive and just STAHP

Which sucks because Hide was revealed to be around like a few chapters after I stopped reading it. Look, if someone can tell me if she dies horribly, I’ll go back to it #rip

p.s. I haven’t heard anyone talk about this series in a while. Honestly, I’m glad. My hate for Touka runs deep

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What are some stories that make you angry?


8 thoughts on “#BESummer19: 5 Stories That Made Me Cry Angry Tears!

    • Oh, which is the first one you thought of? Sequels are always tough I feel, sometimes they can’t keep up the momentum. I guess I especially feel about this in terms of shoujo but I don’t read a lot so I can’t really say… (I think Peach Girl is a shoujo?)

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    • IDK HOW I MISSED THIS. yup. there’s an anime, three seasons i think, idk if i’d recommend it Orz for well, the reasons i said up there xD Oh? what happens in paper towns? I’ve only read the fault in our stars by john green but my brother loves his other books. i could never get into them since they were contemporary

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve read Looking for Alaska, TFIOS and Paper Towns which put me off his books. The characters were just…I felt like slapping all of the main characters friends and it just wasn’t a great read tbh but I do love other contemporaries

        Liked by 1 person

    • rip i got only a little bit further O(-( i managed to finish the first season but after that nope. i wanted to watch s2 but with everyone saying it wasn’t following the manga and that scene with hide i was like I CANT so i never got past s1 xD

      then i think TG just fell out of popularity? i feel like i never heard about it after a while

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