2019 Monthly Roundup #1: June

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. I know, there hasn’t been much content but I wanted to stop by and drop some links of some of my favorite posts that I wrote this month, along with some stuff that may be coming up (and that I am doing)


Posts I Enjoyed by Moi

🌺 I aim to Please: Fate Makes No Mistakes by Shin: This is a review of a webcomic and I had a lot of fun writing it because I wrote it for the yaoi goblin fans who keep being redirected to my blog. I stand with yee!

🌺 My Experience with Scheduling and Blog Themes: I had fun with this one because it allowed me to release some of my crazy from my soul. I feel like I always try to appear semi-sane but then there are posts that I just let loose with. Please enjoy the gifs!

🌺 Why Do I Participate In Bookish Blog Tours and Do Review Requests? I’m really glad some people seemed to enjoy this post! Sometimes I feel like I write stuff and it gets buried because of possible differences in views. I was planning to do a part 2 of this but I didn’t get around to writing it…maybe it will be out soon!

🌺 OWLS “Vulnerable” Tour: El idioma y mujeres vulnerables en la música: Another post that I’m sure will get the least amount of views! It’s because it’s in Spanish but you know what, I had fun writing it. It reminded me that even though I don’t write Spanish regularly, I can still pull off something coherent if I really put my mind to it! Maybe I’ll do some more down the line

🌺 Let’s Talk About Mental Health – The Wonders of Bullet Journals with Megan and Crimson!: This was the last MH post for June. I had plans to do a couple of others but once I sat down to write, I realized they weren’t relevant anymore. Maybe down the line, they might come back. But this one with Megan is one that I have a daily relationship with and so we decided to share it!

I did write other posts, which you can find on Read at Night and My Fujoshi Life

My Failed June Plans


Did I say I was going to post 100 things and watch 50 new shows? Yes, I think I did. What did I actually do? I probably only wrote like 1 post and started 2 shows…

With things out of whack, I’m not sure where they will be added. I know that for Read at Night I had planned to do more art-related posts but the last two weeks of June really turned into a train wreck. You’d think it would be as easy as just shifting them over to July but…well, it’s not exactly. For July I have a few blog tours I have signed up for so my book blog will finally be a “proper” book blog. At least for the month

But I have not given up! I have a few art surprises for you all and I hope you enjoy them!!

Likewise, I have a few posts I really wanted to write for June on My Fujoshi Life but that I wasn’t able to meet. Those will be moved over to July since I really don’t have anything planned for MFL

Finally Finished Bungo Stray Dogs S2! (aka. Possibly the only anime I watched recently)


I like to call this my happy dance. I know, I have mad skills! And I’m so happy I actually finished an anime recently. It’s very strange, this anime block I seem to be experiencing. It’s like I don’t really have an interest in anything but with Crunchyroll raising their prices and me canceling after this year…maybe that will be my motivation!

I don’t particularly plan to follow any summer shows but I have seen some really cool ones I would love to follow if I was any good at seasonal watches!

As for Bungo Stray Dogs, I’m getting to season three…soon. I have a twitter thread that you guys can look through, which I started when I rewatched season one. It’s spoiler-filled so you’ve been warned! Once I start watching the third season, I’ll start adding to this

July Plans?


Well, let’s pretend things may come to pass as I forsee them…

🌟 There is a high chance you guys can find me on the OWLS YouTube channel this Friday at 10am Pacific Time, along with Scott and Hikari! It’s for our latest tour roundup and it would be awesome if you guys could share the news, ask us questions, and possibly join? We’re always looking for new members who are passionate about being awesome *dabs* ok I know I’m lame cries

🌟 I am part of the following tours by Caffeine Tours!

  • A Shifting of Stars by Kathy Kimbray: I believe this one is being done in the second week of July
  • My Fate According to the Butterfly by Gail D. Villanueva: This one is being done in the last full week of July!

🌟 I am part of these other blog tours and review events!

  • Helen gave me the opportunity to review War of Mist, which is the last book in the Oremere Trilogy!! I’m both happy and extremely sad. It’s been my newest favorite series and I’d love to give it lots of attention this month~
  • I got the chance to be part of the BLINK Summer Reading Tour, which is hosted by the FFBC Tours! I will be interviewing Christina June, who wrote one of the books I recently enjoyed, and reviewing Swing by Kwame Alexander

🌟 I am one of the hosts for the Bookend Summer Event!! It actually officially started today and you guys can still sign up. The prompts for the whole month can be found here and I will be posting mine on July 22-24. But I will also be posting some other posts based on the prompts from the other hosts : ) There’s also a chance I will be hosting a Twitter chat for this event so please join me 🙏

🌟 I am part of Scott’s Space Tour!! He actually announced the idea a few weeks back and being the shy potato who wants to do collabs without directly contacting people…I showed my interest! And I was lucky enough to be considered #cries. I am still trying to figure out what I’m going to do rip

I think that’s all I have planned in July. As you can see, all of these are guaranteed events since they are being run by other people. In terms of posts I plan to write for myself, I’m going to limit my plans to weekly reads – I missed the last two for June because I got sick and ended up not reading anything – and a few bookish discussions. Mainly the two that I wanted to get to in June, hehe

But I’m curious, how is everyone? Any major plans this July?


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