Weekly Reads 2019 #2

Second week and I’m on task!! I’m actually super happy right now. I’ve been ticking off all the blog posts I wanted to write since I re-edited my June schedule and just #crieshappytears. But before I lose you all, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to It’s an anime thing (josmarie). Sorry, I don’t think we’ve talked before (??) but you’ve been sharing almost all my posts and just IM SO EMOTIONAL. Thank you very much!!


What did I read this week?

My “brief” visit to Youtube


Other interesting things I found on my Twitter’s timeline


  • I feel like this is a controversial topic but I agree with everything seidrade says in this thread. I like problematic content and you know what, I don’t feel like I’m hurting anyone by consuming it. Leave me with my kinks!
  • This video on baby changing stations actually showed up in my TL because of Kat and just, I didn’t know?! I guess that’s more of the culture of the mother being the only caretaker…
  • When I went to vote, I remember seeing this section about banning plastic straws. I honestly didn’t think too much about it and I think I even left it blank, but after reading moe’s thread on their experience with a waitress and being denied a straw, just, WHY are people so rude?! Let’s educate ourselves. Disabilities are not always visible and it’s not our call to make judgments. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen these types of situations and it just makes me sad to keep finding them on my TL
  • Guys, if you aren’t following Cali’s art and screaming about it, I implore you to! She’s one of my all-time favorite artists so if you support her work, that would make me super happy!! In fact, she’s actually doing a giveaway right now of her zodiac collection, check it out!

Personal Achievements and Celebrations


  • SliceofAlfredo graduated High School!! Congrats 😀
  • Speaking of high school, my brother graduated from elementary (8th grade)!! And he’s on his way to a local high school, I’m super excited. No pictures to share but I wanted to let you all know I’m a #proudsister right now #cries
  • Sam turned 21!!! Here’s a post about the big celebration and some tweets, congrats! I hope you still remember how old you are after this (LOL)
  • Sometimes we can learn SO MUCH from kids! Kat’s daughter graduated from Kindergarten. Check out how she’s changed in this quote 😀
  • I suppose this is where I also say I finally got my Art degree. The ceremony was this morning! I took some pictures and you can find them on my IG story but I’ll be posting an actual graduation photo once I can access mine from the official photographers at the graduation lol

If I missed an announcement from you guys, let me know so I can throw some confetti at you! I’ll see you guys next time!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Reads 2019 #2

  1. Ya know, when I had young children, I have had waitresses watch the ladies room while I went in to change my baby’s diaper. Then I had dirty looks when I came out from the women who wanted in. Later, men’s rooms started sprouting changing tables and I was happier. But my babies were beyond diapers by then.

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    • oh wow, that was really nice of them but also rip, the things one must do :/ you’d think they’d understand if you’re coming out with a baby…

      it’s nice to hear that at least things are changing but it seems not by much if this video is floating around the internet now. and i think it said it would take like two years before baby changing stations became widespread…like WHY so long?? @_@

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