[Review] Unripened Expression by Aga – When My Ship Didn’t Sail

Did I say I was going to talk about the worst part of harems in today’s post? Did you all soak in the title and make your guesses because I am about to start crying and screaming! And I make very little sense when I do one of these, so imagine how bad it’s going to get now that’s I’m doing both


Unripened Expression is a webcomic by Aga, which I had hoped wasn’t complete but after a search, I’ve found it is. The series spans 70 chapters and follows Lee Jae Won, an 18-year-old student, who starts to crush on his classmate Han Ka Ram, however, he’s not sure if his feelings are actually a sign of love. One night, he decides to ask in an online forum for help and a user called js1203 offers some advice. From there they become texting buddies and js1203 tries to help Jae Won with his plight of getting together with Han Ka Ram!


Unripened Expression is such a cute read!! I immediately fell for Jae Won because even though he’s super shy, he also knows what he wants and is willing to pour his heart out if it means happiness. Have you guys ever confessed? Just the thought of it is enough to put me into hibernation! But Jae Won continues to do his best in getting comfortable with the fact he’s gay, coming out to his best friend, and even snagging a cute boyfriend…

That last one makes me cry but we’re trying to be objective here. Breath in, breathe out

I also just really like how much development went into our main characters, which I’m always a fan of. I may say otherwise, but slow burn stories are my weakness. Even though we meet Jae Won in the now, we’re able to glimpse at his first crush, which was devastating! It was an event that pretty much haunted him until now and it’s nice that he didn’t let this deter his feelings.


We also meet another character down the line named Ha Jun Seo, and I just LOVED his story. Not so much because the story was nice (it was actually the opposite) but because it really fleshed him out. That’s probably why I fell in love with him. If anything, I thought this story would just be a love triangle but as the chapters kept compiling, I realized this was a harem. Why? Because a childhood friend of Jae Won’s (Choi Yoon Sung) later transfers into his school and decides to pursue Jae Won…

While I didn’t have a problem with Yoon Sung’s character (he was funny and perfect for antagonizing fellow love interests), he wasn’t as fleshed out as other characters. Perhaps it’s because he was introduced so late in the game, or perhaps because the author decided to rely on this type of character stereotypes, but he felt more like a tool to get certain characters moving. Likewise, Jae Won’s best friend doesn’t get a lot of webcomic time but is somehow in the harem image? I was a bit confused, but was glad with how his character turned out!


Considering how this webcomic ends, I was very sad to see that Han Ka Ram’s character wasn’t as fleshed out as it could have been, seeing as he’s one of the Main Characters. Perhaps it’s because this story is from the point of view of Jae Won, but Han Ka Ram just seemed too perfect for my liking. Plus, like I mentioned in the previous post, I like characters with certainty and he didn’t have it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of how he decided to change his mind about Jae Won’s feelings, but perhaps this is my biased talking? Someone enlighten me!

Even though it broke my heart at the end, I do recommend checking it out (and then telling me if your shipped sailed). But I’m curious, has anyone read this webcomic? What did you think? Am I just seeing things that aren’t there? Or if you haven’t read this, has anything I said convinced you to go check it out? Let me know!

Now then, TO SCREAM. 

(and spoilers)


It would have been, seriously. I guess the biggest reason I’m so sad about my ship not sailing is that IT WAS THERE and yet Jae Won still got with Han Ka Ram?! If our only two fleshed out characters happened to be Jae Won and Jun Seo, wouldn’t it make sense to think they would end up together? Plus, Jun Seo helped Jae Won with everything, so they spent the most time together. It was so easy to see that Jun Seo started to fall for this little cute baby but he was also pretty oblivious to things at first

But he wore Jun Seo’s gym clothes. The “boyfriend shirt”? I very much think so. And that time when it was Jae Won’s birthday and Jun Seo spent the whole day waiting for him JUST TO GIVE HIM A CAP. Someone hold me!! And I just loved how he said caps suited Jae Won because that’s so true. He’s a sweater and cap person (vs. something else that Han Ka Ram said, which wasn’t untrue but just *tears paper apart*)

AND THEN the day that Han Ka Ram confessed to Jae Won and he instantly thought of Jun Seo!!! It’s clear that he must like him to some degree, right? If Jae Won was 100% sure that he like Han Ka Ram then he wouldn’t have hesitated to say that yeah, he liked him, right?! I know, I’m using uncertainty to my advantage even though I just confessed I prefer for my “guy/girl in the middle” to KNOW how they feel


Jun Seo is so beautiful and pure and wholesome, why is he cursed to keep experiencing heartbreak?! When I read this it Destroyed Me. I suppose we can technically remedy this by giving him his own story where he meets someone else and they become The One, but I just can’t! I thought that the interaction with him and Jae Won was so cute and comfortable that I can’t ship either of them with someone else

I don’t usually look for fanfiction for canon BL content but just, this series is seriously making me want to go looking. I haven’t checked yet for fear that there isn’t anything and because I want so much for it to be canon!!

Apparently, there are a couple of side stories I haven’t read yet and I’m not sure I’ll be able to. Even that last chapter was hard to read! I have to confess that it was more of a skim.


When ya crush keeps twisting that knife. Probably unknowingly. I don’t think Jae Won is capable of being consciously evil. Not that he’s being evil here. He’s just noticing something cute about HIS NOT BOYFRIEND and making both June Seo and me cry!

Why the heck does Jae Won like Han Ka Ram? I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced it’s because he really likes him. Someone pass me a drink, please. Preferably orange juice so I can drown in my sorrows!

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