Weekly Reads 2019 #1

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last did one of these but here is some content on the interwebs I wanted to share with you all!

Most of it is Pride content since it’s Pride Month: Continue reading


7 Times Crimson Screamed While Watching Bungo Stray Dogs S1


Ok, guys, I’ve figured out the story!! So BSD (aka. BDSM) is about Dazai, an ex-Port Mafia member who left the pack in order to make his junior jealous. He was playing the cat and mouse game but then he found a cuter and bigger kitty in the form of Atsushi and welp, he never went back. Presently, Agatsuwa-something is using all the company’s resources to bring back senpai because #NOTICEME but sorry, Dazai’s got a new kitty Continue reading