[Review] I aim to Please: Fate Makes No Mistakes by Shin

If there’s one thing you guys should know about me, it’s that I like to please you lovely people. What does that mean? Well, on Twitter I posted this, which gave me a hint as to what you pervs were looking for on my blog you guys probably meant goblin slayer but hehe it said yaoi and I decided to go out into the internet and taint my virgin eyes (also, the cute dazai moments aren’t on the blog yet unless you count my sorry excuses for fanfiction)


But yes, I FOUND IT. It was like fate. This series was just sitting there with this really cool cover and I thought, eh, I haven’t read anything in eons, why not check this one out? Imagine my surprise when I found it was a goblin yaoi webcomic! I know. Fate.


Speaking of fate, this webcomic is called “Fate Makes No Mistakes” and it’s by Shin. It follows Joo Eunjae who has been refusing to sleep if he can help it. Why? Because he’s been having this weird dream where a ghost keeps having his way with him and he’s usually tied up so he has no way of fighting back. Then one night, as he goes out to buy more cigarettes, he ends up blacking out and wakes up to find he’s seconds away from being run down by a truck. Fortunately, he’s saved by a stranger in a mask…Or so he thinks. 

It turns out that Eunjae’s name was on the Death Records, which means that even though he was “saved” from being run over, he’s actually dead and his soul is only barely holding onto his corporal body. This makes him an easy(ier) target for possessions and after some arguing with his reaper boss 704, San – a GOBLIN, repeat GOBLIN YAOI – now has to keep Eunjae out of trouble. As a goblin, he’s a natural deterrent, except when he’s low on yang energy. Which happens to be his current predicament


would it really be BL if this wasn’t how he got energy??

Disclaimer: I did not check this story out because I thought it would fulfill my KatsuDeku fantasies yes i did who am i kidding just LOOK at the guy! Fantasy AU? Hohoho

So far, I am enjoying it. The character designs are really cute, even though I did have a bit of trouble distinguishing Eunjae from 704 at first (but now I KNOW). There’s also something about San that’s really cute and innocent, especially down the line when he’s trying to get Eunjae to go outside and drink some of that Vitamin D. I am 100% sure there are ulterior motives to this but let’s see how things work out (yang energy remember?)

There does seem to be some sort of mystery plot happening with Yama, the King of Hell, and another goblin called Geumsun (dis boi HAWT) but not much has been revealed yet. Not to mention the very obvious hints that we should scrutinize the relationship between 704 and San (or perhaps this is a decoy??)

I do have to warn for sexy side characters though, which, wow, why are the side characters always my favorite?! I need a story focusing on them! As an FYI, their relationship is my type of dynamic but it also borders on dubious consent and I know some people don’t like that (I’d argue that 704 can hold his own and he’s technically not so yeah…)


yama tryna make ya jealous. he knew 704’d go see you~

The series is fairly new with only 13 chapters but definitely give it a look if you want some fantasy goblin yaoi!

But I’m curious, has anyone read this series yet? What do you think so far? Or has anything I said made you want to go check it out? Or maybe it wasn’t me but the hot bishie husbands?! Let me know!

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