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Bungo Stray Dogs S2 Has Destroyed Me


Ughh I can’t believe I’m doing this! Kunikida would be so ashamed of me but I just couldn’t help it!! I’ve been screaming about S2 of Bungo Stray Dogs for the past hour or so and just IM EMOTIONAL so I just had to get some of my thoughts out

I’m currently on episode 21, which I believe is episode 9 in the second season. If the first season was all jokes and gags with a bit of random fighting thrown in and a sprinkle of plot in the last two episodes, then season two is so much more action, plot, and oh hey, let me throw in a joke every few hours.


I was impressed too!

We finally got to see a lot of the new characters that showed up at the end of the first season, aka. The people who put the bounty on Atsushi, aka. The white foreigners with their immoral and profit gaining goals! I think this is the first time I’ve seen them as not the awe and center stage of an anime?! I feel like foreigners are usually the OPs and while these guys are strong, they’re also the bad guys (which means they shall fall eventually!)…unless Bungo decides to give us a surprise?!

So far I’m really enjoying this second season. The first few episodes reveal Dazai’s past and the rest of it is nonstop thrills. Sometimes not of the good kind. I’m looking at you tree boy! I feel like I needed a warning on that scene. Eeks! I’m going to have nightmares tonight


I did feel like the whole burning of the city and just this new guild beating everyone has been very fast. I get that they’re powerful and all, but it all happened in like one day?! One afternoon? Before their evening lunch?

Still, I’m super excited to get through the rest but I’m also DREADING it, especially with the proposal that was given to Dazai from his ex-boss. And with the way things are going…! I sense some suspense coming



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